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August 21, 2007


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I haven't posted much, but I have been reading for a while and was so worried about. I completely agree that 28 weeks is too soon. Mine came at 31 weeks and that was too soon. I am so happy you are home. Keep those babies cooking!Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com

Jennifer from Arkansas

I'm SOOO happy you're home and that those precious babies are staying put!! I swear, you're such a trooper about all of this. I'm taking notes so I'll remember to do the same when I'm at the same stage.Thinking of you all the time...


gosh, you've been busy. Glad to hear you're home and the babes are well.

Malky B.

Happy to hear your back home. Keeping my fingers crossed that you passed the 3 hour test and can stop pricking yourself.

Rachel Inbar

I'm glad you got to do the sugar test. I hope you'll get good results and be able to quit with the tests altogether. Those multiple fetal monitor things are so annoying. I remember with just twins how crazy it made me, especially since the monitors always moved and used to lose a heartbeat / jump to the other twin / jump to mine... I can't imagine how long it takes just to set it up with triplets...I'm glad you're home and hope you can stay there for quite a while :-)

Casey's trio

Glad you are back home! Never a dull moment with a HOM pregnancy:)


good to know you're home and doing well. wishing the best!


You're absolutely amazing! I'm very impressed at the way you're taking this all, because I'm sure it's SOOOO hard...but you're down to less than 6 more weeks of this.And then you get a whole new set of challenges... (but wonderful ones)


Oh Karen,I am so glad that everyone is right back where they are supposed to be. You are back at home, and the babies are still in their home. 29 weeks tomorrow, right? Hey, each week is another one closer to 34. Only 5 more weeks. 5 more crazy weeks, I am sure, but I'm SO happy they let you go home. That can only be a good thing. I know they'd have kept you if they could. And WHEN you pass the 3hr test...oooh. Red letter day!


Hey, I'm glad to hear you're home and hoping you'll be able to stay that way. The fetal monitor juggling act sounds absolutely awful-let's hope there isn't any more of that for a while. Take care!


I'm glad they got that under control and you're home again. Thanks to Seth for the very kind updates, too.Good luck, I hope that GTT comes back looking beautiful and you can drop that from the regime, at least.


Sounds like you received really good care without too much trouble, other than boredom. If one has to be in the hospital, it's nice to have good care.Thanks for having had your spouse update us and for updating us yourself once you got home. Hope things are uneventful now.


I am so glad you are home. I am sure you are WAY more glad. :)


I"m so glad they let you go home!! No better place to be. I'm glad the babies didn't make a surprise appearence too. My fingers are crossed that everyone stays put for 5 more weeks!Take care! And let me know if you need anything.


thank goodness you're home! who-hoo!!!


I'm so glad everything's ok now. Kosher hospital food... ewwwww... can you order a kosher pizza next time? (maybe just bring your own granola bars?)Keep baking those babies!


Stay put babies!!Glad everyone is well, despite the crappy food.


Does the hospital have internet access? Could you bring your laptop with you since it seems (knock on wood that I am wrong) that you are getting closer to a hospitalized bed rest?


So glad you are home and the babies are right where they should be!


I'm just glad you're able to be home AND the babies are stilll safe and snug where they belong. My daughter arrived at 32 weeks after 10 days on complete bedrest in the hospital. I'm glad you get to be at home -- bedrest in the hospital sucked! And even though my daughter is nearly 5 and perfectly healthy, it's hard having a premmie -- keep those babies cookin'!!! Take care.


I am sooooooooo glad you are home! Don't worry us like that!!!!Glad you were able to do the 3 hour. I hope it comes back negative and you can stop poking yourself!


so happy everything is going well! Take care


Sticky baby vibes, sticky baby vibes. Stay put just a little longer babies!

Gemini Girl

Thank GD your babies are healthy and still in! Sending you prayers and well wishes to make it to at least 33!

My Reality

I am so happy you are home and the brood is tucked inside. I hope you stay at home for a while to come.

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