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August 29, 2007


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Casey's trio

Hooray for 30 weeks Karen! How awesome for you and your kiddos. I know it's not easy to hang in there with all the aches and pains and discomfort, but the parasites will be here soon enough:) I am looking SO forward to finding out the sexes and names when they are born. I hope things continue to look good at your growth ultrasound.


It's tomorrow; congrats on 30 weeks!I've gotten to a point that walking the 20 feet from my bed to my bathroom is excruciating not only for the time it takes, but the physical pain and exhaustion that it causes as a result.Please be sure to report this change to your doctor at the appointment.Can you use a walker to help you get to the bathroom?

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

How lucky that you can still sleep in a bed!! I think I had moved out to the couch at around 28 weeks or so - laying down flat was definitely not an option. It will be over soon and you'll have your body back. It's impossible to believe, but it's true. Hang in there, you're doing great!

Cindy amp; Brian

Rooting for you and praying for a good growth ultrasound appointment, ease in your discomfort and 4 more weeks of baby cooking! You're doing great!!

Rachel Inbar

Here's wishing you a calmer, less painful 4 (or more) weeks with your babies on the inside.It doesn't sound fun, but it seems you've kept your eyes on the end result and that's really what matters.Hang in there!


Congrats on 30 weeks! Another down, 4 more to go! That's really fantastic. I'm sorry you're so tired, I can't imagine how exhausting it is to have 3 inside! 1 is hard enough! Hopefully your appointment will be a success, and the medication changes will help a lot. I'm thinking about you and the little ones!


Ack, you are my hero! I hope I have as good of an attitude when I'm at 30 weeks.Hope the appointment goes well and that the babies want to stay cookin' a bit longer. :)


I agree on the walker idea, or even maybe a good physical therapist who can recommend safe and comfortable ways to move around? That or we all just come over and give you grapes and bon bons...


30 Weeks such a huge milestone for your babies!!!! Way to go!Honestly, the fatigue and pain will only get worse. But I PROMISE YOU---once the babies are born it will only be affirmed that it was all worth it.


good to hear you're hanging in there. lj's right -- it would be great if you could talk to a physio and get some ideas to make yourself more comfortable.congrats on 30 weeks....just a few more to go, right?


30 weeks, wow, that's awesome. I'm so so glad you've made it to this point. We'll be watching for the big news, hang in there with all the sleeping and don't worry about posting for us unless you really can:-)

ms. c

I'm glad to hear that all is well, relatively speaking. (I, too, was starting to worry...)Hang in there, babies- just 4 more weeks! (Can they hear that?) I hope your appointment went well.


30 weeks - wow. Congrats on that. And of course you're exhausted! Post when you can, not when you feel you should. We're all thinking of you.

The Town Criers

Rest. Growing one baby is hard enough. Growing triplets is MORE than three times the effort.


Good job, Mama! 30 weeks is just amazing. Around this time in my pregnancy, I had a trapeze installed on my hopsital bed to help me get in and out. As freaky as it looked, I have to admit it helped. Too bad they don't have those at the hardware store for in-home use!


YAY for 30 weeks! You can start crossing the days off of the calendar now! Hopefully things will still be brilliant, and your babies will hang in there for a little longer.


Wow--30 weeks! I'm so happy you guys have made it. I'm sorry movement is such a struggle for you. I know that's got to be so hard. As always, if you need anything--I'm not that far.

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