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August 03, 2007


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these have been two very beautiful posts. i have no experience in this, and so i don't have the right words to say. i do know my own personality and imagine that i would feel very similar if it were me. but how can i say for sure? and i don't want to sound like i'm judging you (i'm not!) or trying to comfort you when i just don't know what it's like. i think your feelings are completely normal and just something that you will feel. i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly (as possible) and your family and your babies are united happily!


Like the first poster, I really have no experience in this (the being pregnant or a parent part) and have a hard time knowing what to say. What I do know is that experience changes us. We can't undo what we've gone through. Personally, I'm just trying to accept what is now and who I am now. I think the grief you're feeling is so common and many of us can relate. We long for simplicity.

My Reality

Anytime you deal with a disappointment when things don't go as planned, you have to process the grief and disappointment associated with it. This pregnancy is a constant reminder of all you have had to go through, fertility treatment, miscarriage etc. You are a mom, not just to J, but the three in your belly and to the little one that was lost before. I wonder if the pain will ever really go away. I think that with all types of loss/grieving, it just gets easier to live with.

Malky B.

You are already a mother of these babies as well! Everything you've gone through for them and carrying them makes you a mother in my book!

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