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August 15, 2007


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I am glad to hear such good things. I can tell you are feeling good. Those little ones are just fighting hard!

Egged Out

Sounds like a good appointment!


I always hold my breath when I see you've updated, and it's always such a relief once I read. Glad things are still going well!

My Reality

I think your doctor rocks! I am glad your cervix is holding out and you are doing ok for this far into things.


Sounds like you've got a great doctor! I'm glad the kiddos are hanging in there!


whew! i am so glad to hear things are progressing well. yay!


I love your doctor. He is so level-headed and informative - he treats you like a real partner in all this, and that's how it should be.


Dr. P sounds awesome - so glad you have him on your team!


I am so impressed you remember all that long enough to write it all down! Do you take notes in the appointment?

mother in israel

I decided to check in on you today! Glad you are still hanging around, and that I was able to catch the pic!

Rachel Inbar

I'm back from vacation and so glad to see you're still doing well :-) I loved the picture - you look GREAT (and happy too!)


Wow, you are getting really excellent care. The nighttime labor phenomenon is interesting. Congrats on 28 weeks!


It sounds good... and I like your doc. Especially since he's taught me to tell people, "I'm not short... I have a small pelvis-to-ribcage measurement."

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