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August 09, 2007


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WoW what a beautiful baby bump.You have such a sweet smile.


Beautiful! What a lovely surprise this is. Such a cute punim!The picture clearly shows that you are petite and pregnant.


Hi! I am new to your blog...I have 3 month old twins. I carried them to 39 weeks for my sceduled c-section. I measured 48/49 weeks pregnant. They weighed 6.12 and 7.12. I was huge. People stared, and whispered behind their hands. Now I think it is funny and I wish I had taken more pictures. But at the time I was too uncomfortable to appreciate the extra attention from strangers! You look great to me! I am rooting for you to have nice big healthy babies.


You look fabulous--don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Including yourself!




I have just read your whole blog, and yes it did take me a couple of days :) It was so nice to end my reading thus far with a photo of you. You are beautiful, with a gorgeous smile and such a precious baby belly. I will keep checking back and am wishing you many babies stay in there vibes.


You look beautiful...not at all whale-like, just very pregnant! You're making triplets look easy ;)


Karen - you actually look quite gorgeous. Your hair has gotten so long, and I have to apologize for not getting up to see you yet. I just keep getting sidetracked by work.But you really look lovely.

In Search of Morning Sickness

Karen you're beautiful! And that's an awesome picture - definitely pregnant!!! You're sweet to do this for all our pushing for a pic! :)


I do like the color of your walls!!Honey, you need to ROCK that tummy. If I were you, I would be strutting around in a tube top ALL THE TIME! Get you a two piece and head on out!

Malky B.

Karen you look wonderful! I can tell you've lost weight - your face has thinned out alot. Your mind still thinks your heavy but your really just pregnant with triples! I'm proud of you for being brave enough to post your picture!

Twisted Ovaries

You look healthy, pregnant, and that grin on your face! So big and sincere!

Hopeful Mother

Wonderful, simply wonderful. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of!!!!

Casey's trio

Hooray for the picture! It is always so nice to have a face with the blog:) You are gorgeous. Wear that belly proudly mama!


I think you look adorable!!!


You look VERY pregnant, not fat! Great picture!!


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. you're blessed!


delurking to tell you that you looking absolutely gorgeous...you have a very healthy glow about yourself and that smile...you look very happy~*steps back amongst the plants*


Karen,You are SOOOO adorable!!!OMG, so cute, I love it!!!


Looking GREAT!That belly is amazing! Mine wasn't nearly that well-shaped.but you probably FEEL like a beached whale anyway... I certainly did, and I only had one in there.

Cindy amp; Brian

I hope I look as good as you at 27 weeks!


You look so cute. You are absolutely beaming!

The Town Criers

You look amazing!


What a fabulous picture!

Bel Vezer

Yeah, so I was all prepared to have to formulate some grand ol' lie about how un-whale like you actually are and then I saw the picture and immediately felt incredibly bitter at how amazing you look. You're carrying triplets for cripe's sake! I mean really. If anyone has an excuse to look less than stellar it would be you.And yet, despite the incessant contractions and discomfort I can only imagine, you are standing there with a radiant smile on your face looking not unlike what I looked like full term with only singleton. Only you look much happier than I ever did at that size.Wow. I'm in awe. You really do look remarkable.Beautiful!

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