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August 09, 2007


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You are beautiful!! What a wonderful picture :)


You look clearly and obviously pregnant. Not at all whale-like =)

Truck Driver Wife

You are beautiful! That picture is one to treasure. There are 3 miracles in there. Not Whale...Mommy!!


You look GORGEOUS! Your belly is perfect! You look ONLY pregnant!!!


I think you look absolutely amazing! What an incredible pregnant belly! You look VERY obviously pregnant - not at all like a beached whale! Thanks so much for sharing!


You look GREAT! And pregnant, not fat.Whoo-hoo for the photos!


I think you look fabulous!! Definitely pregnant, and absolutely beautiful!!


You look great! I'm so glad you're still at home. Great job momma!


I think you look great!!


oh my goodness! you look fantastic, and clearly, obviously pregnant. so glad the wee ones are still hanging in there!


You are definitely "all baby". You don't do yourself justice! Congrats!

ms. c

Ok, Karen... you look gorgeous. Really, you do. And your smile is too cute. And it's definately pregnancy going on there. If anyone thinks that a bit of extra fat, man they gotta have their heads check. Thanks for posting this- what a delightful surprise!


You look sooooooo pregnant, holy crap! That's awesome!


I don't see a whale anywhere in that picture! You look AMAZING!


Honey, you just look very, very, very (notice the three "very's" ;-) PREGNANT! And you glow, beautifully.


You look beautiful. Simply amazing.


I said it before, and I'll say it again, you look amazing. I love that you had the chutzpah to post that, even before the aforementioned editing we had spoken about... And truthfully, I was going to send it back to you as it was. Just as a joke, and act like I had Photoshopped it. :) I'm funny like that... You're radiant girlie... So for right now, I get to be the cute one, you get to be the radiant one, okay? okay. :)


You do not look fat. You look like a beautiful pregnant woman growing three healthy babies in her belly!


You look great! I'm glad you decided to share it.


you look fantastic! i'm glad i got to see the pic before you took it down. lovely lovely lovely!

Egged Out

You look great!! Everyone already said it but I had to say it, too.


you look wonderful!!! no whales at all, just a glowing pregnant woman. and lucky you with the skinny ankles and feet. i *used* to have skinny ankles and feet.


K,You crack me up. I am officially addicted to your blog.I think you look fantastic. . .BTW, I love your haircut.


no way! you look beautifully pregnant - you definitely don't look like a blob of fat!

My Reality

I am so excited you caved!!! You look fantastic! And incredibly pregnant. I am amazed you still have your wedding rings on. You do not resemble any kind of marine life what-so-ever. Promise.

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