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August 23, 2007


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Jennifer from Arkansas

You've posted about the side effects of the terbutaline (sp?) as far as how it makes you feel. What is the indocin like? Any immediate sife effects to speak of? (other than the fact that it ROCKS in taking care of the contractions!!)Glad things have calmed down again. Hope you're able to get some sleep.

Rachel Inbar

Great that something's working - too bad that something can't be taken continuously. It must be nice to be able to sleep contraction-free for a change...


Wonderful news!!!!


Wow, sounds like it's a wonderdrug for you! I mean aside from the no long term use thing...

Jennifer from Arkansas

Thanks for the info!! It helps to hear an actual account instead of reading the list of a million and one things something "may cause". (although I know it can vary with each individual)


I'm glad that you've found something which works, albeit something that can only be used temporarily. I imagine that at this stage even temporary relief is a blessing.


I'm glad the new meds worked so well for you. Sorry you can't take it long-term. I really hope things remain very calm.BTW--thanks for your kinds comments yesterday on my blog. I really appreciate what you wrote.

ms. c

Sounds like everything is under contol- phew. it is too bad that it can't be taken constantly, though. I feel giddy each day that I come here and find that the babies are still hangin in there! (Thanks for your comment, btw. Much appreciated. As for googling subchorionic bleed, I had already done all the research on that when I was told I had a clot a few weeks ago [which is gone now]. So although you are not a doctor- if you say don't worry- I won't! Thanks again!)


Damn, it's a shame you can't take that stuff ALL the time! ;-)Glad things are under control again.

My Reality

I am glad you are still hanging in there.


I'm so glad you've got something that will let you get some rest and a short break. Too bad you can't take it long term


I've been told that the reason naproxen sodium (Anaprox, Aleve) works better than other pain medications in alleviating my ridiculous menstrual cramps is it also helps my uterus have the contractions. So, it is interesting that a similar medication halts your contractions.

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