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August 07, 2007


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Have fun with your new toys!


glad to hear that things are going well-ish. glad about the stable cervix!


They will only know everything about the pregnant with triplets you -- and that isn't likely to happen again. ;) I love that you get weight measurements...that means you got almost five pounds of baby! Wow.

My Reality

Well, at least it will give you something to do on bedrest. It could help pass the time. . .

In and Out of Luck

Never a dull moment, indeed. Those weights all seem like very respectable percentiles and they will only continue to grow. Stability of the cervix is good! But oy, all the monitoring. I am thinking of you.


I have missed you! What a doc appointment. WOW, I am tired for you!

Changing Expectations

Glad to hear that things are going well. Sorry about having to test the blood sugar, but given the choice - not such a bad thing to have to do.The weight measurements are interesting....


I'm glad they'll be having you check your bg throughout the day and not just first thing in the morning.You really seem to be getting excellent care.

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