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August 31, 2007


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You DON'T look like a whale. You have one big baby belly...and that's awesome! I think you look pretty good in that photo. Now if my DH was taking picture of me...ugh. Thank goodness for camera timers.But you look GOOD!


Karen--You look great. Pregnant :) And no wonder they are loose--you lost almost 30 lbs!!!


I agree with the others - this picture and the previous one just show a woman with a big pregnant belly, not the overweight woman you always portray in words. I promise you, no bullshit. Thanks for posting it.

Rachel Inbar

You look fantastic and you're going to come out of this so thin you won't recognize yourself...


you look great! and i'm sorry you have a cold. i hope it clears up right away!


You look terrific and extremely pregnant. And you don't at all look as if you are about to club your husband.


Way to go - Happy 30 weeks! You look great. Keep up the good work!!I really miss those last few weeks of pregnancy because I miss feeling the trio moving. I definately don't miss the discomfort though! Whitney

My Reality

You really look great.


So that's what it looks like to be pregnant with Triplets! You're beautiful!!


To be honest, I've seen a handful of other triplet mommas at 30w, and the first thing I said when I saw them was "holy moly that's a lot of baby." with your shot - you look pregnant - that's it. Not scary huge or "oh my god she's gonna pop" but pregnant! I'm sure you are uncomfortable, but you look fantastic!


You look pregnant, not beached whale like, I promise. You look great considering how uncomfortable you are!


you look great!


Beautiful belly! You look great.


you don't know me, but i've been following your blog for a while now. i just had to stop in and say that you look GREAT!you rock, mama!-lori


Not bad from carrying three!!! :)


You look like a radiant and healthy woman carrying three healthy fetuses!


You look fabulous--you're 30 weeks pregnant with 3 babies! Give yourself some credit, woman! I'm glad you posted it so we could see how it's all going.Also, I hope that a vaginal delivery is something that works for you. The whole reason I wanted to do natural birth was avoiding the epidural! I'm sorry you'll have to have that, but I do hope that the babies are strong, healthy, and positioned properly after 34 weeks so that you can have a vaginal delivery. It sounds like your doctor and practice are really open and willing to work with you!


I don't think you look as huge as you probably feel. I swear. You look good and knocked up, but I've seen shamu, up close and in person, and you truly bear no resemblance.(I'm totally jealous of the rings. Mine came off weeks ago!)


You look so GOOD!And I tell you, you are never, ever going to regret having those photos. Not even for a millisecond.I know I've harped on this before, but we have not a single shot of me and Calder together during my pregnancy. MAKE SURE YOU GET SOME!It sounds like any other photographer will be an improvement anyway. Ask your son! :-)


I think you look absolutely beautiful!!!!


lumpy??? whalelike? are you nuts? you have the perfect round belly! now if you want lumpy, i can show you lumpy. and i had to giggle at the point-and-shoot comment.

Cindy amp; Brian

Too cute, Karen!!! I love it!


You are a HOT MAMA!!!


My rings don't fit any more and I'm not even pregnant yet!!!You look pregnant and beautiful! congrats on 30 weeks


Ok. So I"m a tad jealous. I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy!!Hang in there. You're so close now!

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