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August 29, 2007


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Congrats on making it to 30 weeks and here's to 4 more. I still owe you an e-mail (or two), but just haven't had the opportunity. I am reading and pulling for you, though. I'm a little sad to hear that Dr. R is leaving, I really liked her and her bedside manner was very good.That's good that they are taking you off of the monitoring. It's nice that the practice is treating you like an adult. The last three weeks of my pregnancy were pretty uncomfortable and I don't think I got out of bed for much and know that I rarely made it out of my bedroom or bathroom to go downstairs. After delivery, yeah, I had a whole new set of discomfort (c-section incision, going to the bathroom, etc.), but the pregnancy discomfort left immediately - I could breathe and didn't have heartburn. It was still an effort to get around and I can tell you, 4 1/2 months after my boys were born, I still don't have all my strength back and find myself getting tired easily. I attribute that to muscle atrophy from bedrest, etc. At my 6 week post-partum visit, Dr. P told me it would take a long time to get my strength back, and he definitely was right.Anyway, hang in there and know that you have a very good prognosis now and it gets better each day you are able to keep those little parasites inside!


Where's my picture :)

My Reality

30 weeks is fantastic, Karen! Keep up the great work!

Rachel Inbar

Big congrats on 30 weeks! And another on the no monitoring. That must have been a huge, time-consuming pain. I can't believe you keep losing weight... I understand how you feel about the birth. With my twins, I nearly ended up with both - and actually delivered twin B in the operating room. Regarding the epidural, my doctor said (back, 11 years ago) that the only relief I could have in labor with multiples was epidural and that he recommended having it anyway because many multiple births end up turning into c-sections (meaning a c-section can be done immediately & without general anesthesia, if necessary). I am deathly afraid of anything going into my spine, but when I was in labor, I couldn't get the epidural fast enough. It might be worth asking what kinds of pain relief they offer during labor with multiples - just to have that information in advance.Take care & hang in there :-)


I've had 3 c-sections with my kids...and really they aren't as bad as they seem. I was planning a 2nd c-section after my first but in the last few weeks changed to VBAC. Unfortunatley it didn't turn out that way and I did the section...so with my 3rd child I just opted for a planned section. Of course I went into labour and my waters broke 2 days before on a saturday...so instead of having my planned c-section on the monday I was taking my baby home. And although all my c-section recoveries went well, the one that was the easiest was the one I had without much labour(4 hours as opposed to 17.5 with my first 2). I was able to nurse immediately out of recovery, and I felt amazing considering. I do occasionally think "darn I miss out on a vaginal birth" but really...I have the babies...who cares how they got here. Plus no funny shaped heads!!The only thing I can say that wasn't good about a c-section(okay besides the whole abdomen being cut open) were the night sweats. Ugh...I had them REALLY bad with my first for weeks. I had them a bit with my 2nd for a few days...and I had them just a day or two with my last. But...squirmy warm baby wanting to sleep on you...and you wanting to hold them...makes for some very warm, damp sleeps when the night sweats kick in. Apparently they are pretty common with c-sections. Anyway I've been following your story...congrats and good luck :)


30 weeks, congrats! Glad to hear you won't have to do the monitoring anymore. Sounds like a major pain in the behind.I don't relish the idea of an epidural, either. My goal was always to have a natural, drug-free childbirth, and a vaginal birth for me is probably impossible (if two of the babies are indeed monoamniotic.) Ah well.


Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I hope the FFN test is still negative, and that the discomfort hits a plateau soon.Amazing that you're in the thirties now!


So wonderful that things are going well! Take care.


Congrats on making it this far with multiples!


Hmmm . . . I think "needle in the back" is a perfectly normal phobia to have. Maybe because I have the same one! :) I hate the idea of an epidural for a variety of reasons, but big needle in the back is definitely one of them. I'm an RN, so I like to be on the blunt side of the needles, not the sharp side.

Jennifer from Arkansas

I too wanted to say congrats on 30 weeks. Hope the next four fly by.I personally am absolutely terrified of having a c-section. I had both my dd's vaginally w/ no meds and had hoped to do the same again. My doc wont even discuss that with the trips. I'm scared of the actual surgery, as I've never had surgery before. Of the recovery with 3 babies needing my care. And while I've had several spinal taps for symptoms of my pseudotumor cerebri, I am terrified of the epidural. (maybe thats because of my "taps gone wrong"- I dont know) I will admit that I DO mourn that dh and I wont get to experience the birth of our children together as I had invisioned. Yes, we will still be there together, but I do feel like we're losing that experience. (my dd's are from a previous marriage so this is dh's first time with all this.)Anywho- my point in all this was to let you know you're not alone. Whatever the reasons- I think its ok to feel what we feel. We both know that in the end we will do what we have to do for our babies. Period. much love and support coming your way..(and yes- we want to see pics please!!!)


i want to add my congrats to making it to 30 weeks. woo hoo!i have a great fear of needles because of a spinal tap at a young age, so i sobbed all the way through my epidural during my first labor. the whole 'losing movement in my legs thing' was really weird. i'm hoping you don't have to have the medicine, but i'm also hoping you have the least complicated birth (at 34 weeks or later...) and three healthy babies!!


Just for the record - I totally agree with you re: needles in spine - EWWW! Also, even though cesareans are standard practice for multiples, that doesn't mean that you can't keep hoping and praying for a vaginal birth. Also, my understanding has always been that once you've pushed your first baby out with multiples, the actual labour part for the next is straightforward (as long as the baby cooperates) because the first baby has done all the work to prep the way. Am I wrong with this?


I want to marry the person who invented the epidural. I loved it that much. But Megan was sunny-side up (read: back labor) and I was in labor for over 60 hours. 'Nuff said.I'm thrilled that things are looking okay, you don't have GD, you're off home monitoring, and you're not on hospital bedrest. Yippee and wahoo! Nice work.


I felt exactly the same way you do about my C-section. You did a great job explaining. If we have any other kids, I don't want to have to beg for my VBAC either.And I was way more terrified of the spinal than the possibility of labor pain. Terrified I tell you! In the end it was all over so fast that I hardly remember it. I hope it happens the same way for you, IF you have to get one. Of course I'm mostly hoping you don't.Great job on 30 weeks!!


My prayers are with you for:#1 - Healthy mommy and babies#2 - Uneventful delivery however that happens#3 - Vaginal deliveryAnd of course for all of this to happen after 34 weeks!!!


I hear you on not wanting a C-section. The recovery isn't fun, and the whole process is just freaky. My mom said that after mine, I looked compeltely freaked out, and I was. Just an odd sensation knowing what's happening. I'm really not looking forward to another one, but I also do NOT want to risk anything with a VBAC. So C-section it is for me, again. Blech. Oh, not to scare you, but mine was a scheduled C, and they first tried to place a spinal. But apparently the needle wasn't right, so they went on to switcy to an epidural. Not fun being stuck in the back twice. I shudder at the thought. Again, sorry to tell you about the negatives, but I wish I could have known some of this before mine. I really do hope your vaginal works out for you. That would just be incredible!

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