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August 24, 2007


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ms. c

You're a superstar in my books. Keep smiling (if this post had a look it would be a smiley one, I imagine.)Shabbat Shalom.


Can you throw the "no GD" thing in that nutritionist's face? I would. Then again, I can be very small and petty sometimes, so take that with a grain of salt!It sounds like all's going as well as can be with triplets and a uterus that just refuses to stay still. Ditto what Ms. C said--Shabbat Shalom!

My Reality

You ARE a superstar!You know your body pretty well, you will know if the contractions are increasing in intensity.


Sounds like you have a fantastic doctor. You're so lucky he listens to you. Glad you're doing well and the no GD is GREAT news!!


I love your doctor! And congrats on dodging GD!


Good news on the test results not pointing to GD. Let's keep it that way! Which level came back elevated?Wow that the doctor is encouraging you to have the service call.Have a restful Shabbat.


Hey, great news on no GD! And, if my opinion were asked, I would say you have handled the situations presented to you with this pregnancy, numerous and troublesome, with so much grace, I am completely in awe of you.


YAY for no GD!!! You rock!!! Glad you and your doctor seem to think alike. Enjoy the weekend!

In and Out of Luck

Wonderful. And 30 weeks is a nice milestone too.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh, wow, you have made it so far. I was complaining up a storm at 30 weeks - so painful and uncomfortable, and the anxiety was terrible. You do sound like you're handling everything very well. Only a few more weeks, and you'll have your lovely triplets in your arms.


Yeah, yippee and wahoo for the no GD! Glad to hear that everything else is going better than you expected. Keep up the good work, Karen (and Karen's Ute)! Looking forward to the next beautiful non-whalish (is that a word?) belly shot.


I'm so happy that your appointment went went well today! It really sounds like you have a great team caring for you! I am so excited that you're really gonna make it past 30 weeks. Woo hoo!We're gonna have a party at the when you hit 34 weeks.

Changing Expectations

Like I said, "Rock Star"! Glad that you are doing so well. I have been thinking a lot about you lately.Glad that your Dr is reasonable and not a pain in the axx.Here's to 30 weeks!


Good for you- you're such a trooper. You sound so level-headed and you're definitely not a complainer. I hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you.Megan


Yeah you!!!!


That's fantastic news on the GD!Congrats, I cannot believe you've come so far, it seems like just yesterday you were debating the SR.Well, it seems like yesterday to ME. LOL.

Casey's trio

Hooray for a great appointment all around Karen! Am waiting for your 30 week picture:)

Cindy amp; Brian

I am so sorry you're feeling so much discomfort - I am really rooting for you in this home stretch.Funny thing about kidney stones - I know what you mean. Last year I apparently had several kidney stones that I passed and I had no idea until shortly after when I ended up in the emergency room (blood in my urine) and had a cat scan. They found more that I eventually passed after that. But before I knew, I figured I was "uncomfortable" only because I had not been drinking enough water or something like that. Anyway, ever since then, my husband didn't trust my pain perceptions since i went through so much and had no idea how bad it was until a doctor told me!Hang in there!


So awesome about the no GD!It sounds lovely that they're trusting you to have a say in your monitoring. Congrats.

Rachel Inbar

Great news about the GD! And, like Ms. C said, you're definitely a superstar :-)Shavua Tov :-)


Can I just say that you are my hero? You are handling all of this with such positivity and grace. Really, you make carrying triplets, bedrest, puking and having continual contractions sound like it's not any big thing.


Wow, that's fantastic.And five days from 30 weeks!!! woo hoo! Your doctor sounds awesome. Actually treating you like a thinking adult and all. I wish you felt better and had fewer contractions, but this post makes me very happy for you.


Yay on the no GD!! I'm so excited for you! It's no fun. And guess who gets to start testing daily and taking meds for it? Yup- me! And I'm not even 12 weeks! All my MFM doc had to hear is that my fasting is usually around 100, and boom. I now have a monitor, strips, and drugs. Bah.I think it's awesome that the doc respects you so much to let you really call some of the shots. You know yourself well, and s/he respects that- that's really rare. Hope all is still going well!! I've been thinking about you and the little ones!


That's great to hear that you're doing, and feeling, so well!You are handling it graceflly - good for you!


Glad to hear there's no GD! Sorry to hear you're still barfing...Feel good, and wow on your attitude, I'm soooo impressed. I had a much easier pregnancy, and I was such a whiner... Just one more month, and b"h, you'll have THREE beautiful, healthy little'uns.rooting especially for the healthy part of that, t.c.

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