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August 01, 2007


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I kinda figured I wouldn't bug you during Shiva, so I'm glad to hear that things are going well, even if not totally physically comfortable.I am SO excited that your cervix is almost 3cm, I mean, that's amazing. The little buggers are actually playing nice with mom, and snuggling in a bit.I think about you and the little ones daily, and am trying to coordinate a time with Mel to come out in the next week or so :)


I'm so glad that your cervix has lengthened!! That's absolutely fantastic! Gotta love the kicks in the cervix. My daughter was breech, so I know that well. She used to jump up and down on mine (or at least that's what it felt like). And when it wasn't the cervix, it was my bladder. Ah, the memories! I'm glad they're all active though! Another sign that they're all doing well!


Yay for 26 weeks!!!!Love the new look!I'm so happy for you that your cervix is behaving itself! That's fantastic, however being kicked in the cervix can't be fun. I never experienced that - my baby A was firmly head down from when I could start feeling them, but he or one of his brothers had a knack for planting a foot, hand or something in my bladder. Not fun!


Thinking nice calming thoughts for you. Glad to hear things are mostly well.


so glad the contractions are not too bad and that your cervix is a champ! Thinking of you

triplet mama

Great update Karen..thanks for all of the info. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the kiddos moving from "parasite status" to "baby status" and how far you have come in 17 weeks with your perception of the pregnancy and acceptance of what is to come! I am THRILLED to hear that the contractions and terb pump seem to be cooperating with each other and that your cervix is obeying dr.'s orders and staying closed.I hope you get your nap in today:)


A nap sounds like a perfect plan.And omg, I never EVER thought I'd be commenting on the state of someone else's cervix, but here goes... I'm glad to hear that yours is imroving!

Rachel Inbar

I'm so glad things sound good. About the cold, I noticed that with my twin pregnancy it seemed like everything was harder to get rid of and more torturous than usual, so you're definitely justified in complaining. Feel better soon!


Cervix pummeling hurts, without a doubt. P flipped so often that I got a lot of that when he was breech. I hope they turn back to vertex soon! I don't know if any of the exercises on www.spinningbabies.com are an option with you on bedrest, but maybe discuss them with your doctor when you're further along if the babies haven't flipped?I'm glad that the cervix news (kicks notwithstanding) is so good, and that you've hit almost 26 weeks already. It seems like almost no time at all and forever, I'm sure.And I also love the new template!


Thanks for the update, Karen. Everything sounds really good. Twenty-six weeks, wow, you're in the home-stretch now, aren't you?I hope you get that nap ;-)


Thank you for updating us. Mazel tov on 26 weeks and all that you have overcome. What a strange time this must be for your husband.What unexpected and great news the lengthening cervix is. There are ways to coax the babies out of breech, if and when that would be prudent.Can you explain more about the terb auto-doses, why they are separate from the basal?Get a testing kit and test your bg at home throughout the day under various conditions to get a real picture.


Thanks for the update! I love hearing all the details of how you are progressing. It all sounds good and although the kicking and punching hurts, I hope they stay int here for a good long time! Hope you enjoy your nap!!


Awww, it's nice to hear a good update. :D I can't believe how quickly things have progressed too. I can't wait to hear about Monday's appointment. I'm keen to hear what the weight is for each baby.

My Reality

I am glad things have settled a bit and your cervix is cooperating nicely!


Great to hear your cervix is getting longer. :)I've almost graduated from "parasites" to "babies". maybe after my next u/s. Maybe once I feel them. Who knows...Love the new look!

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