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July 25, 2007


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Those are adorable pictures and I loved your description of the babies! I am so glad the contractions stopped. Keep us updated!

Rona Michelson

I am blown away! B'sha'ah tova!


That baby C, what a troublemaker! You listen to your mom and stay put in your corner for the next 10 weeks.


I love the spit bubble!


I'm so sorry for your family's loss, Karen.And those pictures are beautiful! Stay in there kids, it's warm and dark and cozy.


It'll be a lot of fun for you to read that again when your kids are one or two years old. Sometimes I remember what I thought about my Baby A and Baby B back then. It's cool.Did you get any weights? I was always curious about how much mine weighted.


I love love love the pictures. The heads are just precious!


What biofeedback techniques do you use?I'm sorry you won't be able to fulfill the role during the shiva that you otherwise would. You can still coordinate and direct a lot, though. I hope things go smoothly and are comforting to your husband.

My Reality

I love the 3 little heads! You know, if anyone could do a vaginal triplet delivery without drugs, I know you could!I am glad all is going well with the little ones. I wish your husband and his family lots of peace in the next week or so.


First, I am sorry for your loss, you and your husband are in my thoughts.I cannot believe how adorable and truly amazing those pics are - wow!And I have to say I think you are SO awesome for wanting a vag birth and knowing you can do it, even naturally. I so hope that happens for you! I know I'm trying to hope and plan for that with my twins, while staying sort of 'unattached' to what actually happens if that makes any sense.But if you think you can do it, you totally can. I know many stars have to align, as my doctor says, but my wish is that for you they do!


so, do you know the sexes? kidding, kidding! ha ha.what cute babies, i love the spit bubble one, even though they gross me out too. somehow, when a fetus does it, it's cute. heh.good job on no contractions! :)


My most sincere condolences to you, your husband and his family.Thanks so much for sharing the ultrasound pictures and stories relating the antics of the little guys/gals within. It's so heartwarming...I'm thinking of you all and hoping the little ones will hang on until the time is right.


Wow! That is really something to see! So cool!


Gorgeous lil' guys (random pronoun)! I love the shot of the three heads in a row - it really hits me over the head with the fact that you've got three in there! Aye Carumba!

Malky B.

great sono photos. so happy all is well in there. I especially love the one with the three heads. so cute.


I think baby c is a girl. Will they be able to tell which baby is which when they are born?

triplet mama

The babies look great! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound pictures:) So happy to hear that you had a calm day on the contraction front....keep on keepin' on


Hee! Baby C is not blowing a spit bubble- that is a cross section of the umbilical cord as it floats near his/her face. If you turn the picture upside down it looks kind of like a cross between and happy face and a smiling frog... represents the 3 vessels of the cord. Adorable though- all 3 of them!


Holy crap. A vaginal triplet delivery with no drugs???I'm still rooting for 34 weeks!You are my new hero.


What incredible pictures! I love your attitude. I know your babies will have a fun mama. Best of luck for making it to 34 weeks. You can do it!!


I was all set to tell you how fantastic that "spit bubble" shot was and then I saw the three heads. That is just perfect. I love it!


I am in awe of their three little heads all in a row - wow wow wow!10 more weeks little ones! You can do it!


That is just the coolest thing I've seen, maybe ever. Three babies, you are very very fortunate:-) And the kicking your mouse off your belly, that killed me!


What cuteness with the 3 of them all lines up!


I was on vacation so I am just catching up! WOW, your weekend was eventful! So sorry about S's dad. :( Glad the 3 wee ones are doing well and posing for pics. Super glad you are doing wellish (as can be expected)

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