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July 16, 2007


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Glad they've slowed down and wishing you the very best of luck at tomorrow's appointment!


I'm glad things have slowed. Keep us posted and let us know if you need anything...


yikes! i hope everything goes well at the doctor's appointment. the water thing is definitely tricky. glad to hear they've slowed down for now, though. man, i'm not looking forward to that part!


I'm sorry you've been having increased contractions. I'm concerned that you won't be seeing one of your regular doctors at your appointment; I hope the appointment goes well. Keep us in the loop!


Ugh! You poor thing! I'm glad the contractions slowed down, and good luck tomorrow! Hopefully nothing has changed! I second LJ- if you need anything, please don't hesitate to let us know!!


Good luck at the appt. Let's keep those 3 little monsters inside for a bit longer!


Glad they are slowing down and hope your appt today goes very well! Stay in there guys!!!


Keep us posted -- I'm feeling anxious about what they might find at this appt....

triplet mama

Hi Karen,The contractions part is so tricky...Right before I ended up in the hospital at 23 weeks, I started writing down the time each contraction occurred..both to help me remember how many I had in an hour and if there was a pattern. My contractions were never painful until later, so I would definitely pay attention to just the tightening-type contractions as well. They can still be dangerous enenthough they aren't painful. The water part is tricky as well. They tell you to drink ginormous amounts of fluids...because not being hydrated enough can cause contractions, but having the full bladder and getting up to pee every 20 minutes can also cause contractions. Sounds like you are doing your best. I hope that your dr appt goes well in the morning and will be looking forward to an update.


Hoping everything is okay!


glad to hear that things have slowed down a bit. i hope the appointment went well and that you've reached a compromise with your body on the water intake thing...


Hi there. I read your blog and saw this post. I found the following Website to track contractions from a pregnant friend and I have had to use it a little too, to make sure. But anyway, if you don't want to write it all down, this site is for you :)It tells you length, duration, and how far apart, you don't have to think at all! Good luck!http://www.contractionmaster.com/index.html

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