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July 17, 2007


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oh merde! Take good care of yourself. You are a champ and I am sure you are going to go through this. Follow the advice of Emmie, lots of bed rest, join a support group, get help... We are thinking of you.


Fuck is right. I'm so sorry. Like LJ said, if you need me to do or bring anything, let me know. I'm home everyday all day.


Well, fuck.Some things are worth swearing for.Hoping you go beyond fucking 28 weeks and the little fucking babies are healthy.


this is gonna hurt, but I've got to say it: read your July 11th post back to yourself about feeling "alarmist" about setting a date to end work at the 24th week of pregnancy. And now look at where you are: at high risk for possibly getting the babies to just a mere 28 weeks. Sit on your ass, lay on your side, and DO NOTHING BUT BAKE BABIES from this moment on. Drink lots of water. And whatever you do, don't listen to the Dr.'s negativity (Sometimes, they have to scare people for them to actually listen to them)-- if you are brave enough and proactive enough, you just might beat the odds and get them to a longer gestation. For fuck's sakes, your babies deserve all of your attention right now.


I'm really sorry. I will be hoping like crazy that you make it far beyond 28 weeks.


Well that blows. Stupid cervix.Thankfully you have an awesome team of doctors - hopefully they'll work their magic and keep that dynamic cervix under control!


I am so sorry this has happened. Oh and swear as much as you need to- here's hoping the bedrest flies by.

Malky B.

So sorry Karen. I will be praying for you and the babies.


This is why you should have listened to your doctor and quit working and taken it easy sooner...they know what they're talking about. Your obligation wasn't to proove you're superwoman by working right up until you deliver. Your obligation is to bring these babies into the world in a safe manner...meaning doing everything possible to let them "cook" as long as they can. If your doctor was being cautious...it was for a reason. He actually cares about your babies...

Knock Me Up

I'll join you: fuckity fuck fuck. Dynamic cervix, WTF is up with that? I'll be thinking good, positive thoughts.

The Town Criers

That is fuck fuck fuck--there are no other words. I hope you get lots and lots of bonus days. Can I ask one favour? Set up an email list of people in the area who want to help out and give the list to a friend. And when the babies come, let us jump into action and help you. Even if it's just dropping off a meal and scurrying away. The NICU experience can be so overwhelming--let people take some of the mundane tasks (like feeding yourself) off your hands. Put me on this email list.

Baby Blues

Oh no! Take it easy. I'm hoping you go way beyond 28 weeks. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. Hang in there, rest as much as you can, and know you are in so many people's thoughts and prayers (including mine).


have they mentioned a cerclage like Suz had? or just a terb pump and the like? hang in there, we're all with you and remember you've beat all the odds up to this point so i'm sure you'll continue to do so!


You can say fuck all you want!Please take it easy. Mel is right, set up help for when the babies are here NOW. You will be totally overwhelmed when they are here. I had only one in the NICU for 6 weeks and it was a blur. Let people feed you and take care of you as needed. HUGS and prayers going out!


I've only recently found your blog and never commented, but wanted to add to the chorus of fucks and let you know I'm hoping that your dynamic cervix decides to become much more static. You're very much in my thoughts.

In and Out of Luck

Fuck. I will pray for the lengthening of the cervix too. Do you need anything (that someone in the area could provide?)

Twisted Ovaries

I can swear in many languages.I'll swear with you, babe.

ms. c

Thinking of you Karen...

Lea Bee

thinking of you and sending you lots of cervix lengthening vibes and hugs.


I am all for FUCK being used as the title. You must be pretty scared. I am sure they will take care of you the best way possible but this is scaary dammit!

Changing Expectations

Arggghhh, this just sucks.Has anyone mentioned a hospital stay yet? Maybe they can give you some meds that will help?I am hoping so much for you to make it to the 34 weeks.Please let me know if you need anything. Anything at all! I will be there in a shot.


Yikes.I've been reading your blog for awhile...and feel horrid about this news!!!Not that it will make you feel any better, but I had a dynamic cervix at 19 weeks and was 1-2 cm dilated. I delivered at 38 weeks. Granted, I only had a single baby, but I just wanted to let you know that things can slow down.With my second I was 3-4 cm dilated at 28 weeks...and made it until 39.I'm praying for you and those babies!!!!! Keep 'em cookin!

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