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July 25, 2007


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The Town Criers

Just take care of yourself. And yes, it's a good idea to have Jess update. We're a bunch of worriers :-) I meant warriors--yes, warriors sounds more positive.


Take care of yourself. We understand, your babies are much more important than updating us. It is a good idea to have Jess update though.


I've been sucky at commenting too, but please know that I've read every word of your recent posts. Hopefully LJ told you we toasted you at dinner on Sunday, you were missed.Glad to hear that your cervix is behaving. Sorry that the contractions are not. Think the monster who has been punching your cervix for a few months might have anything to do with the rumble going on in there?In the cruelest of all twists, how about losing 6 lbs and getting grief about it? Amazing. Stop doing whatever it was that you had no idea you were or were not doing! Yeah, clear as mud.Email me or comment on my blog or send smoke signals or whatever you need to do if you required ANYTHING while you are laid up. You know I live close.Hang in there, take care of the monsters, and please give my condolences to your husband.


Well, you know I feel the same. You should just have a code on your blog, like a terror alert, but funny. I mean, the terror alerts are a joke, but you know what I mean.That way, when we look at your site, it can be green for good to go or whatever :)


Thanks for the update, both good and not so good news. Hope you're feeling good!


Take it easy you crazy woman!!!


A tub of Ben & Jerry's a day keeps the weight loss away... right?


Just wanted to say good luck and I hope those contractions stop, stop, stop! Take care.


Glad things are as ok as they can be and the babies are cooking a bit longer. Feel free to ignore all of us though - this is all about you and these babies. Not us freaks wondering what happened that you didn't post.


Why are you have auto-doses anyway? Wouldn't incorporating the auto-doses into the basal make things go more smoothly? You'd then have continuous delivery, with no spikes to cause jitters and no time in between to allow more contractions. Isn't that the point of such pumps? You'd only need to bolus for breakthrough contractions.Did you perhaps lose weight because your access to food, your ability to retrieve it, is now limited? What are you eating these days? And anyway, doesn't your weight fluctuate by a few pounds anyway due to water and GI material?

My Reality

Decemberbaby said exactly what i was thinking - ICE CREAM!!

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