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July 18, 2007


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Whew! What a week you're having! I'm glad all is well and that your concerns have been eased!

triplet mama

What a thorough post Karen. Thanks for sharing everything that transpired with your appointments. Being one of those not so lucky triplet mamas who delivered way too early, I am relieved to hear that they have started with some medication and the home monitoring to watch the contractions. I am happy to hear that the Fetal Fibronectin Test came back negative. Sending positive vibes your way!

Rachel Inbar

Karen, I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I'm glad both you and your doctors are optimistic. There does seem something right about taking it step-by-step. It makes each step an achievement and makes the milestones closer...Dr. R sounds OK :-) though that 'being fertile' comment was ridiculously out of place...


wow, what a week you've been though! sounds like everything is under control for you, and i'm glad that the new doctor is working out okay, even if she is insensitive at times. now go lay down!


WOW! I hate that you are here right now stuck in a recliner freaking out! BUT I am glad they have a plan for you and seem to be truly involved.HUGS over and over again! Let me know if you need anything. I don't live too far from you. :)Food? Movies? Books? You name it!


I'm so glad that things are calming down! Fingers crossed for 8-10 more weeks - who cares what the doctors say about that happening - I'll hope for it anyway :)


I have really been waiting with my breath held tight for you. I am so glad that the doc turned out to be very informative, I think that is just terribly important.So glad that everything is as good as possible right now.


You've had a wild week! Thanks so much for all the detail. Many of us have no idea what you're going through, and it's really nice to get that insight. I'm so glad that your cervix lengthened a bit! Hopefully it will continue to lengthen a bit, or at least stabilize. I'm thinking about you!

In and Out of Luck

SO, SO glad the cervix is longer. I'm glad the doctor was forthcoming ewith information and details, details, details. Let us know if you want visitors!Except that comment about "I'm quite fertile." Who says those words ever, much less to someone who has confided that she gone through multiple IUIs?

Truck Driver Wife

Amen child. Prayers have been working for you. Hang in there. Keep your feet up.


SOOO GOOD to hear your update! i'm so glad you feel a little more at peace about the whole thing and that you were able to get your concerns addressed to your satisfaction!

Egged Out

Sounds like a much better appointment. I'm glad things look more positive now.


Let me be one of many to say: "Whew!" It sounds like things are looking better and better. I'm so glad to hear it!


Phew - I'm stressed out just from reading about this. I'm not sure if I've commented before I've been reading for a while. It sounds like you are in good hands, thorough, comprehensive and caring medical care is a rarity. The docs comment about IUI and IVF was absurd and insensitive, I hope she realised that and is kicking herself.Good luck to you & the babes, hoping I'll still be reading about your HOM pregnancy in 10 weeks!


Whew. I've been stressed and more stressed that you hadn't been updating because you were in an emergency-admit situation. I'm so glad you're not.The FFN results are FANTASTIC. That is VERY good news.I think I already wrote, but maybe I didn't, that the survival rates at 28 weeks are solid. VERY solid. That's why the next four weeks are so critical.As I also mentioned, I had a shower stool for my showers. They're cheap, you can get one at any decent-sized pharmacy drugstore. Buy and use one.At some point, you're going to have to think about moving from recliner to bed. Always lying on your left side to maximize blood flow to the placenta. That sort of thing.If you haven't been in touch with Sidelines before now, please get in touch with them. The risks of depression shoot through the roof once you're on bedrest, and they're in the best position to help you prevent and treat it.I am sorry everything changed so fast. I was so hoping you'd have smooth sailing until delivery. But I still have hope you can make 34 weeks. I really WILL drive up and deliver cupcakes. Then again, I'll do that whenever you deliver. :-)


So glad to hear from you! That's a ton of info to digest, no wonder it stressed you out. That last appointment sounds much better and I'm glad to hear that they're working behind the scenes on your case. The nurse was totally right about the 24 vs 28 week thing, and I'm glad the doctor took the time to explain it. I hope you have another 10 weeks in you too!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh my goodness, your experience mirrors my own so much. It is definately possible to make it past 28 weeks, and the negative FFN is awesome - even 26 weeks is much better than 24. I'm sorry it's so hard, but glad you got a little good news in there.


I appreciate the novel as I was worried! Thank you for easing my concerns :)


Thank you so much for writing this detailed update. We've been worried! Worried and praying.I'm really glad things seem a bit better and certainly more clear now.You know, even as you were (rightfully) freaking out and panicking, you kept your head about you. You knew you needed clarification and specifics, and you reasoned that even if you didn't feel that great about the doctor, you were still in relatively safe hands given the practice as a whole.You did what you needed to do. While bewildered, you remained proactive. You sought advice and help. You let yourself get some sleep. You didn't let yourself drown.And then . . . you got the clarification and specifics and you got evidence of being in safe hands.You are impressive!The doctor's comment about her fertility was ridiculous (though maybe she was trying to be self-deprecating?), but it seems she might have made up for it by her thoughtful counseling regarding not placing blame on yourself should your water break when you get up to get a sandwich.Now . . . rest, rest, rest! Have your husband pack you a lunch every day so you don't even need to get up for a sandwich!


OMG Karen,I am behind in reading blogs so I've missed all of this...I am so sorry, what a stressful time for you! To put it mildy.(I can't believe we BOTH titled posts 'F*CK' in the last week!)I am thinking of you and those babies, and hoping the contractions calm down and that cervix stays nice and long. And closed. (Is that the right terminology? I've never sent good wishes to a friend's lady parts so I'm not sure.)Anyhoo, please know I'm thinking of you. Take care.


Glad you came back and updated. I've been worried you found yourself in an emergency situation and in the hospital.What everyone else has said, 28 weeks really is the magic number, but anytime you can keep them in longer than that is gravy. I'm glad your second appointment with Dr. R went better. I only met her once and really liked her, but this was before I started having any problems. Dr. P trusting her does speak volumes to the rest of the local medical community, though.Keep in mind that Dr. P's practice is extremely conservative and will not take any risks. They were threatening to take my boys at 30 weeks because of threatened preeclampsia. Water broke anyway at 33 weeks, but they watched me VERY, VERY closely (like every other day closely) and had me under strict orders to call immediately if anything changed.I'm sorry that things changed so quickly, but you really are in the best medical hands around and I have complete faith that they will take excellent care of you.Is there anything I can do for you since I'm relatively near by?

Erickson 5

Bedrest is hard! I had such a hard time with it. I am not the type to lay around. Hang in there! You are doing great and no matter how long the days seem your end results are worth it! Nicole

Hopeful Mother

Thinking of you and hoping for 28 PLUS weeks!!!!

Malky B.

So glad to hear the Fetal Fibronectin Test came out negative. I've heard about the test on the podcast "mommycast.com". They 2 hosts both had premature babies and wished that test was around when they were expecting! It should give you peace of mind. It's supposed to be very accurate. Rest up! I didn't mind the long post. Glad to hear the full story cause I've been worried about you too.

Malky B.

If you want to see and download some of their shows they did on the subject check out this site:http://www.fullterm.net/html/fullterm_podcasts.htm

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