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June 10, 2007


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Rachel Inbar

Amazing pictures! I wonder if the machines are getting better or if you've just got a great person doing the scans.How are you feeling?




Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing! I love, love, love the detail in your posts (okay, not this one in particular, but all the others). It really quenches the info junkie thirst I've got.I hope you are feeling good. I wonder how your migranes are these days? I saw a special on Discovery Health the other day about multiples and there was a woman carrying triplets. At 23 weeks, she was the size of a 40w singleton woman. Zowie! Based on that, you must really be growing. I know you've said you're not too keen on belly shots, but if you ever get brave enough to post some, I would love to see them!


GREAT PIX!Just FYI, the more the babies grow, the harder it is to see anything specific. My last U/S, Rachel was able to distinguish head, abdomen, and femur. I couldn't even do that much.Feel good!t.c.


they're beautiful.


aren't those pics amazing!! we are so lucky b/c soon you will be going in every week and you will get to see how your little ones grow from wk to wk! awesome! glad they all looked healthy and that you are still hanging in there! ;)

Malky B.

Great pixs! So happy everythings going well so far.

In Search of Morning Sickness

Those babies are adorable already! I love 4D ultrasounds (that is what those are, right?). Amazing! Thank you for sharing, we all love seeing their pics!


Hello, beautiful babies!


They're beautiful!! Thank you for sharing :-)

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