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June 15, 2007


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Hey-I too have been following these stories and paying attention to the fallout around the internets. My initial reaction was also-how could the doctors let this happen, until I too went to the Morrison 6 website yesterday and read what was posted about their follicles. It makes me so anxious about continuing to pursue COH/IUI as a treatment option. I feel strongly that I would reduce with high order multiples, but I know that it would break my heart to do so. Although IVF is not a perfect solution, it makes me think that if health insurance would cover IVF cycles it is possible high order multiple pregnancies could become even more rare by limiting embryo transfer. I also agree that the media should not be making a happy circus out of these incidents and instead show the cold hard facts about the costs, financial, physical, mental, and emotional that are incurred by these pregnancies.


FANTASTIC post - I was right there with you. How could a doctor be so irresponsible, what are these families thinking, etc. I formed my judgement and never gave it another thought.Thank you for showing the other side. I'm grieving for that lost baby and hoping that both families are thriving.Hope you're doing well!

Rachel Inbar

Fabulous post! I can only imagine how annoying it is to hear that it's only half the number of babies. I'm sure some of the people mean well, but to me, it seems to imply that a woman with triplets is a failure if she can't do far better than someone who carried sextuplets... As if she has some sort of control over it...


People are going to be saying stupid things for a very long time. I'm sorry to have to say that. But there you go.Curiously enough, I don't think there are very many examples of people taking crazy risks when they conceive their HOM pregnancies, although that's certainly the spin the issue gets in every book and scholarly article written. Time after time, you see people making careful decisions and being screwed or surprised by the outcome. It seems to me that more needs to be written about that -- that the conception of HOMs often happens against the best intentions and practices of the patients and doctors alike.Even with single-blastocyst IVF transfer, you can get spontaneous twinning. At higher rates than in "naturally conceived" pregnancies.The media is never, ever, ever going to get this right. They're just not. I've had to learn to (mostly) tune them out.


great post...my heart goes out to both families for the long, hard, road they have ahead of them. hopefully one day, modern medicine will get it right...but the body is truly an amazing and unpredictable thing.and i hate that people are making such ignorant comments to you, but if there is anything that i've learned with this quad pregnancy (and opening myself up there everyday on my blog), it is that i will get some STUPID @ss comments/advice that i have to just tune out. (and i'm the type of person that would argue til the the sun comes up! so, it's been rough!)


A very good post, although I still think it's irresponsible to go through treatment knowing you would never do selective reduction, even if there are mitigating circumstances. It's just incredibly unlikely that anyone can deliver 6 babies without them having a really really tough time after birth, and the media SOOO doesn't help.


Hi- I've been following your and Suzanne's blogs and therefore the articles with great interest. I'm currently pregnant with twins after stim and IUI (had 3 dominant follicles, 3 sacs but thankfully only 2 developed. Thankfully as my doctor has worries enough about me being able to carry 2). What really interests me is that my treatment occurred in Germany, our state medical insurance covers 3 IUI as well as 3 IVF treatments, but the doctors must cancel the IUI if more than 3 dominant follicles develop. With IVF they are not allowed to transfer more than 3 blasts. I have not heard of any sextuplets being born here and the only quins were conceived without fertility treatment. Triplets being deemed as the maximum number of foetuses that most woman can carry to a point where the babes will have a good chance to survive without too much risk to their own health.PS I believe there are another 2 sets of sextuplets due to be born in late summer in the USA.


I have to wonder how in the world she could have ovulated at least 10 eggs while the doctors saw two mature and two immature follicles. That many follicles would have been pretty clearly noticeable on an ultrasound, wouldn't it? Unless it was the most incompetent nurse/doctor in the world.I'm also in agreement with Thalia that it's irresponsible to say that selective reduction would NEVER be an option before doing fertility treatments. I understand that people have different religious viewpoints and all, but if the mom isn't going to be healthy enough to safely carry the pregnancy (no one's body is designed to carry six babies, no matter how amazing the human body is--and I teach natural childbirth classes, so I truly believe it is amazing), then she's not doing the best thing for her babies. I just can't help but see it as irresponsible parenting right from the beginning. It's probably really narrow-minded of me (hey, the Arizona sextuplets did make it to 30+ weeks), but I'm such a firm believer in the mother's health being the foremost concern.OK, I'll stop hijacking your comments now. I'm sorry that you're getting ignorant comments on this one. I think Rachel from Uterine Grail had a good point about media glamorization--her singleton isn't going to generate an iota of media attention, but that's more often what happens in fertility treatments. If the media would focus on that as the ideal a little more instead of the "glamour" of sextuplets, perhaps we would get fewer ignorant comments.


Great Post!I've been following both of the sextuplet pregnancies, and am just heartbroken over the Morrison's loss. I can't imagine what they must be going through...I found your blog randomly, and enjoy your posts! Very witty, and super entertaining! I'm a mom to BBB-triplets & GG-twins. All of my kiddos are 2 & under! :) I wish you luck and look forward to reading more!

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