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June 28, 2007


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I hope the Topamax helps at a slightly higher dose. Heartburn--have you got a favorite Tums or Rolaids yet? And I agree about the movements. I went through a period when I decided that I was happy about movement, but I really didn't like it.I have no idea how to help with J's curiosity about babies being born--P's been watching birth videos since I started teaching Bradley (when he was 18 months old). Is there a class at the hospital for big brother/sisters-to-be? They might address that with them, or at least have some ideas for you.No idea what lightning bugs eat.


It is 4AM and I can't sleep either... So I can relate. But you got me curious about the lightening bugs.They feed on plant nectar, how cool is that ?http://www.backyardnature.net/lightbug.htmThis might help too:http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/secondpregnancy/a/babiescomefrom.htmWhen my mum got pregnant with my baby sister, she got us a great book (I was 8, my bro was 6) with lots of drawings and explanations, and that was perfect. Good luck!


i have a strong opinion on the 'practice' on not getting any sleep when pregnant. that's BS!! it's a totally different kind of lack of sleep. and i sympathize with you about it. i hope you get some good sleep soon!


I hope the topamax helps. I can't imagine how miserable migraines would be on top of sleep deprivation and everything else. Hope you get some relief from them at least!G (who is also almost-four) and I had to have the 'how babies are born' talk last week. He didn't really get my explanation, but then we watched a lot of birth shows on discovery channel and he seems to get it now. We did hit a minor glitch while I was trying to explain c-sections.. he was a little unsure how it is that I didn't die after being cut open when he was born. We only saw one c-section on the birth show, and he made me fast-forward it so he could know for sure that the mom survived. He's still a little freaked out by the idea of c-sections, so we've glossed over those for subsequent talks. I have no idea about fireflies. Fortunately, that hasn't entered G's list of questions yet.


Bless your little heart. Headaches and not sleeping suck. When I was on Lupron I never could sleep. I would go to sleep but then be up all night. It just makes you go crazy. HUGS!

Rachel Inbar

I am all for being open with kids, but in this case (where chances are fair that you'll have a c-section) I'd stick with something like, "the doctor knows a special way to get the babies out. When it is time for them to be born, the doctor(s) will be with me to help them be born." - just giving him a sense that you and the babies will be safe and that the doctors know what to do. He probably won't ask exactly how...Good luck with the migraines. I can't even imagine...About exposing little kids to birth videos - it's not for me...


Very sympathetic on the lack of sleep. i just spent 2 nights in a row up all night with contractions. Before that, I was just having trouble getting comfortable and no position would keep me okay for more than an hour or two tops.Practice for after the birth is a concept that people talk about when they're either totally clueless or just have nothing to say.Hint for those who have nothing to say: say "I'm sorry, that must suck." At least you won't sound like an idiot about it.


I'm wondering whether napping once you are home during the day will help you sleep more soundly at night. If you begin cutting back on the length of your workdays before going on full bedrest, you could try taking a short nap upon returning home. Better to leave a bit early than be useless all day, if you are having trouble at work due to the lack of sleep, that is. I'm also wondering whether you could use the herb skullcap. It seems pretty safe. One dropperful of the tincture in the morning upon waking and one at night before bedtime does wonders for regulating sleep.I learned how babies are made and how they are delivered at the age of three. I don't recall it having been traumatic, but I learned the facts gradually and matter-of-factly. I did not, at that age, learn of C-sections, however. How have you answered his question so far, since you indicate he's already asked? That could inform what you say when you do answer him. The best thing, I think, is, when asked, to answer right away as if it's no big deal, and simply, and let him comment or ask further questions rather than provide all the details at once. Another good tactic is to ask, "What do you think?" which will give you a starting point. Of course, you can stop at any time and say that you need time to think about the best way to explain it. It is tricky when you want to give as simple information as possible yet you will probably looking at a C-section. Does he yet read?


Rachel Inbar's response reminded me that his question is about you and your babies, not about the concept in general. Building upon what she suggested, you might try, depending upon the nuances in the way he asks, answering from his point of view, something about how he will stay with the designated relative or friend, you and your husband will go to the hospital so that the doctors can be with you to help the babies be born, then your husband will call him to tell him the babies have been born, then the next day he will come to the hospital to visit you and the babies. This isn't directly answering his question, and answering a question that is not really the one that a child asked can be upsetting for a child if he feels his parent isn't listening to him, so it might not be appropriate to answer in this way, though, one, he can ask follow-up questions and, two, it's important to begin supplying him with a narrative of what to expect.Again, I always find it is good to supply the simplest information or ask "What do you think?" before going into detail, in order to have a chance to get a better idea of about what, specifically, the child is asking and what he already knows or is imagining. He might actually be asking in the context of his role.


For your heartburn, call Dr. P's office and ask if there is something you can take. I was given two different recommendations over there - Dr. R (who is out on maternity leave I believe) recommended Zantac 150 2x a day and Dr. M recommended Pepcid Complete 2x a day. Both worked moderately well for a few weeks and then I started supplementing with Tums. Milk or chocolate milk (more calories) also helped with the burning on occasion.

My Reality

I do not know what lightening bugs eat! Gotta love the inquisitive mind of a child. Since you will most likely be having a C-section, you could tell him that the doctors will make an opening in your tummy to take the babies out. Good luck with that discussion!


21 weeks, congrats! That is an accomplishment! Heres to at least 13 more!

ms. c

Mazel tov on 21 weeks. And no clue how you should tell J...

hi my name is mommy

Not that I am a cheerleader for medication, but, the ONLY way I got sleep after about 22 weeks was with the help of Ambien...just a thought?Time will fly from this point forward. You are doing an awesome job, hang in there!


I'm sorry to hear about the headaches and lack of sleep. I think I may order a snoogle soon, just because you make it sound so good. :)I haven't been sleeping well either, but not for any physical reasons, my mind just won't stop racing. no matter how tired i am. sigh.

In Search of Morning Sickness

CONGRATULATIONS on the 21 week mark! Wow - seriously sometimes it doesn't seem that long ago that I read you were pregnant after that IUI and *thinking* it could be twins! LOLAs far as the comments that sleeping LESS now is somehow good preparation for later... WHY on earth does depriving yourself of sleep now make it better for handling later? That makes no sense to me! I'd stick that in the stupid comments people say because they can't think of anything else!Hoping your Topomax helps those pesky migraines!

The Town Criers

Love, love, love the snoogle. What about an additional wedge under the stomach? Not that it will help with the sleeping, but at least you'll be extra comfortable? I'm sorry, sweetie. It does suck--you need sleep so badly and you can't get it.

healthy lifestyle

why don't you try to do other things instead of thinking a situation that you can't over?

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