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June 24, 2007


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I'm sorry you're not feeling so great with all the kicking going on inside you, but it's wonderful that you can feel them! Guess my mom saying "It feels like little butterflies in your tummy the first time a baby moves" is not how it always happen huh? Take care of yourself! :)


i hope you are feeling better. i know exactly what you mean about the "butterfly flutter" stage...it was SOOOOO weird! almost uncomfortable. i enjoyed it so much better when the babies started actually kicking...except for when they are kicking my bladder! or playing up in my ribs!


I hope your UTI clears up fast! They are just the worst. Thankfully mine was better within 2 days. If it isn't better by tomorrow, go back and get a different antibiotic. Some work better than others sometimes. Take this from someone who has had 5 in the last year. Yuck.I definitely agree with the butterfly feeling. The first time I felt my daughter I was sitting in a seminar at work, and I nearly screamed out loud when I realized what it was. It took a few fluters before I figured it out.

My Reality

I hope you start feeling better. Congrats on the flutters!


I was also delighted and a little weirded out when I first felt my baby move. I felt like there was an alien inside me! And I found it very distracting when I needed to concentrate on work. But then it would stop, and I would be desperate to feel her move again!

Rachel Inbar

Maybe I'm reading between the lines, but you sound pretty happy to me :-)


I am so glad that things are continuing to progress -- even if their kicks are making your stomach turn. :)I just wanted to comment on your comment on one of my recent posts. You are correct in your assessment that there are not a lot of OB options in the area I currently live. This is one of my major complaints about where we are right now. Our current doctor is already an hour away and is in practice with 4 other doctors that service the entire area. Unless I am willing to drive about 2 - 2 1/2 hours this really is my only option. Hence the fact I keep going even though I haven't seen a doctor and feel like my care is not adequate. I really don't know what else to do... :(


I get some kicks that make me feel nauseated - one of them must be up against my stomach. It is wonderful and yucky at the same time. My newest treat these last few days is those kicks on the cervix - ouch! that hurts!

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