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June 20, 2007


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Changing Expectations

This is interesting. My mom suffers from migraines associated with TMJ. I wonder if this could be an issue as well?It was so great meeting you tonight. I hope that we can all get together soon. Keep us posted on the trips!


It was great to meet you tonight. Nice to finally put a face with the name (and blog, and emails). I'm glad you decided to battle your urge to back out. We loved having an ART success story at the table!

Lea Bee

it was wonderful to meet you tonight! i hope we do get to see you again this summer. sending big hugs to you, your son, and your 3 little ones.


Thanks so much for this post! My mom suffers from migraines too, and so far they couldn't find out what triggers them. She's had a few symptoms in the past that might just point to PFO. Will show her this post, and who knows? Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday :)

In and Out of Luck

Hi - it was so good to meet you! You look glowing (or is that just breath-deprived?). Congratulations again.


Stopping by from a link for the Commentathon. Congrats! My son Zak used to jump *hard* on my bladder. I think he still would if given the chance and he's 7.Thanks so much for sharing your story.~Carole


beautifully put, about wanting the babies I mean. It is so worth it.

Quilao Triplets

Karen,What a blessing these 3 will be for your family. I couldn't agree with you more that being a mother is worth just about anything. The reward heavily outweighs the hardships.Casey

My Reality

Beautifully said, Karen.


I completely agree. After all this effort, our kids are going to be LOVED, WANTED, CARED FOR, and not just taken advantage of. Totally agree.


Thanks for the info on the migraines! I get cluster-tension headaches along with migraines...so the information is always useful to me!


Wow - this is my first visit to your blog... triplets! I don't relaly know what else to say. I'm wishing you lots of luck with the upcoming months.

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