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June 26, 2007


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In and Out of Luck

That is horrible, and so, so sad. For you, I hope you are feeling well - if densely populated! Thank you for the html lesson - I can safely say I NEVER would have figured that out on my own.


I read that earlier today . . . and it is so sad.


It is very sad. I actually didn't know that two other boys had already passed, I just was aware of the first one. I guess I haven't paid attention to the news in the past week.But I guess I have to say that I'm surprised that any of them are alive at this point - I didn't think that babies born at 22 weeks had any chance of survival.

The Town Criers

It's so heartbreaking.

Lea Bee

22 wks...i'm suprised any of them made it as far as they did. it is very sad.

Changing Expectations

This is so sad.

hi my name is mommy

What a terribly sad situation for them. Hopefully the two fighters will pull through. Prayers for them:)

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