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June 21, 2007


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I'm so glad you came and I got to meet you! It's also great that your pregnancy is going so well! What a blessing :)

Rachel Inbar

Wow, the meeting sounds great!I'm with you on not finding out the genders. With us, my in-laws were convinced we knew (we didn't) and were trying to draw the answer out of us (which was partly funny but mostly annoying). I guess it's pretty rare not to want to know nowadays.About the vaginal delivery, I know what you mean. I hope they decide to line up nicely - so nicely that the doctors say they HAVE to skip the c-section :-)


Yes! I am so happy to hear that you are not finding out the genders! We are not finding out about our twins and we are definitely rare. Nobody understands - all the family wants to know. But I feel exactly the same as you - there was nothing old fashioned about conceiving these babies, so I would at least like to find out who they are the old fashioned way.And a triplet vaginal birth? that would be amazing. I've wondered about that. It seems to just be the default to do a CS, at least on all the tv shows I watch - that I've wondered if it's because they can't be delivered vaginally, or if it's just because that's easier for the doctors. I agree with you that it's at least nice to know that your chances of a C/S are not 100%. On the classes - we are signed up for the multiples birthing class. fortunately our hospital offers it, just a few miles from our house. but another possibility - our hospital offers 'private' classes. If you get put on hospital bed rest (which you might at some point, right?) then you have the right to arrange to have the birth educator come to you and do a private session. So I wonder if that's an option at your hospital? That way at least you could get your basic questions answered, but don't have to sit through a singleton class that wouldn't be useful for you at all.Good luck!


oh - and also - when people make comments like "how can you prepare for the babies if you don't find out the genders?!?" I just say "what do I need to prepare? all a newborn baby needs is a nipple and a diaper!".:-)


I agree with Carol - how does knowing the gender help you to prepare any better? I wanted to find out, so we did. And now we own a LOT of pink outfits, all given as gifts. Is that what they mean by preparation?Re: books for dad. A friend just loaned my husband a book called "Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads." There's some "guy humor" in there (how to make a diaper from a towel, tube sock, and duct tape, for example), but he was reading last night and said that there's also some good, practical information.


I don't know what you have around you, but up here there are prenatal classes offered through the Jewish Community Centre. Needless to say, they're not held on Saturdays. And Carol makes a good point - you might be able to find an independent instructor and get your own private classes (or semi-private, if you can find someone who wants to share). I get not wanting to find out the genders. I actually don't care one way or another, but if I do find out I will NOT be telling any of the friends or family until the baby is born. Someone should be surprised!


all TV shows except Friends, of course. Phoebe had a vaginal delivery. Oh. You meant *real* TV shows? :PGlad to hear you're not finding out the genders. I'm going to use your rationale next time someone gives me flack about it.


I'm just a lurker coming out of lurkdome for a comment. I had both of my children via c-section and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to recover. I had an epidural with the first one and a spinal with the second and I most definately preferred the epidural. I was allowed up as soon as I wanted and they turned the medicine off I started getting feeling back pretty quickly.I didn't want to know the sex of my children either because I wanted the doctor to be able to tell me like he is supposed to "It's a girl" or "It's a boy."


I'm blushing over here, I really am.I just wanted to also say thank you, you are such a wealth of knowledge on so many things. It was nice having you around.

Lea Bee

it was great to meet you. i know i said that already, but still.

My Reality

I wouldn't be afriad of a c-section or really even an epidural. It is the thought of being awake and feeling the tugging and stuff that makes me queasy. Not that I have to worry about that now, but you know, if the time ever did come, that is what terrifies me.I am glad the peri's will consider a vaginal birth. If everything lines up!

Changing Expectations

It was great meeting you! I am in awe of your strength and stamina.

Malky B.

My mom had a friend who gave birth to triplets vaginally so it is possible. You might want to consider taking a class just in case this happens to you. If you don't want an epidural you will want to learn breathing techincs to help you cope with the pain. These classes usually also deal with breast feeding so there's more to learn besides vaginal birth.

Pamela Jeanne

Okay, I just found your blog through Mel's Commetathon and I gotta say, the triplets thing really caught me off guard. That's some successful infertility treatment. You've left me almost speechless...

Indie Mama

hmmm...not sure if this applies, but if you at all going to attempt to nurse you might want to check out a breastfeeding class. some stores have them attached to the store, and they can help you pick out a pump and you'll have met a lactation consultant and know them should you need one. just a thought! also, i also didn't take the c-section course when i knew i'd have to have a c-section (due to breech position and some other medical problems) because i have a medical background and decided i didn't need it. it wasn't a big deal, but i do think they talk a bit about the aftercare (how long the foley will be in - this is different for each hosipital, stiches vs stapes for different insicions, and aftercare for the incisions). maybe just bring up the topics with mfm/ob if you're not planning on the class. good luck!p.s. we have "Be Prepared" and my husband loved it! = )


Take the time and trouble to check out post-partum doulas with your type of philosophy to feeding, schedules, etc., instead. The breastfeeding class? I would call your local LLL and see if there's a multiples group in DC. First, they're far less likely to be militant, and second, they're going to know from the variety of troubles that happen when you're establishing BF with premature and just-term multiples (plus in the NICU, should that happen). You might also want to get the scuttlebutt on your NICU/hospital LC, because if she's not supportive or informed about BF multiples, you want to have that doula or LLL person around after delivery.Our LC was incredibly supportive -- she's the reason why I BF'd as long as I did -- but she wasn't very knowledgable, and some of her info about what was necessary ended up hurting my establishment of a strong supply. [My number-one conviction: you cannot go more than four hours between pumpings at night when establishing a supply, "rest helps" be damned -- unless you are one of those miracle gushers. My second conviction: better to pump for brief periods very frequently than long periods longer apart. But let's not get diverted, since I have no idea what your feeding plan is.]Our peris would have let us trial a vaginal delivery if we'd reached 36 weeks and both the lower babies were vertex. We only made it to 32 weeks, and one was breech. Even some mothers who qualify for a trial of vaginal labor decide to decline the option, because the odds of the second or third baby developing distress and needing a c-section are higher (especially for the third baby) and the you get the double-whammy recovery.

mother in israel

I heard about a mom of twins who refused a c/s because she wanted a pidyon haben. . .I suggest going to a bf support group before you give birth. Some large cities have groups for multiples, but even if not, you can get a lot of tips. Do you have "Mothering Multiples"?My friend is pg with twins and is also hoping for a vaginal birth--any day now.I don't think that a prenatal class is the best way to learn about bf.


I agree that a prenatal class isn't the best way to learn about BF, but it's something. The actual breastfeeding classes are probably better, and an LLL leader would be the best. I would contact the local Mothers of Multiples club also to see if they have recommendations about LC's who are particularly experienced with preemies and those issues.Hooray for your doc being so open about a possible vaginal birth! I hope everything lines up perfectly and that it's an option for you. As far as that, I would look into a private instructor who can come to your house. Maybe call the hospital or childbirth teachers around you (check with Bradley, Birthing from Within, even some Lamaze are pretty good). Knowing all about labor and how to deal with it will help even if you do have to have a c-sec.I'm glad that you're not automatically on bedrest yet--it sounds like you're doing everything perfectly and the babies are behaving as well. We didn't find out P's gender and wouldn't find out the genders of any others that we have biologically. It was such fun to find out that my intuition that I was having a son was right the moment he was born! Some people say the birth is a celebration anyway and they don't feel that knowing ahead of time is a big deal, but that definitely added to it for me.


Just wanted to comment and let you know there is a lady in Triplet Connection, who not only had a triplet vaginal birth but did it at home in a swimming pool! I had an emergency c-section at 31 weeks, so I didnot have a choice. Don't waste your time with the classes. Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com


I find the idea of a vaginal triplet delivery frightening. There is just much that could go wrong. Only Phoebe on Friends could have a smooth one.


Hey - I found you from the Odes at Stirrup Queens. Congratulations. My childbirth class was a waste of time. Totally. Utterly. Ask triplet mothers (and some twin mothers, though we won't be quite as useful to you) and c-section mothers what they did/wish they had done/are glad they did and sort through the advice. Some of it will be useful, and all of it will be more useful than a normal birthing class.I was terrified of an epidural, and ended up needing a spinal for an unplanned section. It wasn't actually nearly as terrifying as I had thought it would be, mostly because I was rather distracted by the monumental fact that I was about to give birth. The morphine helped too.The list of "things I would do differently if by some freak chance I were pregnant again" includes not finding out the genders. Continued good luck!


Having listened to every argument in the known universe about why it's good to know the gender, I will say that there's no compelling reason to know, and that the idea of it being a surprise is way cooler. Your babies can wear white or yellow for a few days until someone has time to go out and buy some pinks and/or blues (though I'm sure at least one friend will volunteer to run out and get some pinks/blues to bring babies home in)Besides you have the Jewish tradition of not buying anything before the birth and everyone who does it manages okay in the end. (My nerves can't take it, but that's just me...)I wish you good luck in getting to a vaginal delivery. I hope that you get your wish, but more importantly, that all four of you finish up healthy and happy!

hi my name is mommy

WOW! Congratulations on the triplet pregnancy. I am super bummed that I missed out on the DC get together! I guess I am just a tad late finding your blog. I live in VA, very close to DC and I am always looking to bond with Mom's like myself:) I am glad you were brave enough to put aside your fears and meet them...that's awesome.I really loved what you wrote about in your heart surgery/migraine post about how you so badly want these babies and all of the pains you would gladly endure in exchange for them. That's so sweet & heartfelt. As someone who thought she would never have the privledge of having children & then ended up being Blessed with three, I can really relate!Great to find you...let's stay in touch!


Oh I hate that I missed the meeting! I hope I get to make next time and meet you!


Lurker exposing myself. In regard to birthing triplets vaginally: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5892030206214460724This is not my video, but I do know that this woman's last name is Mathis and she has a livejournal blog -- http://sualkin.livejournal.com/A warning, of sorts, is needed to preface this video. She did carry her triplets to term, they were healthy at birth, but there are other (significant and life-altering) medical issues that arose with her daughter a few months into life. You can find out more of the details about this via her blog. The video will have most in tears by the end, but it undoubtedly worth a viewing.Best of luck to you, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

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