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June 18, 2007


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I'm still puzzled by "can ovary get loose come out"... I'm picturing one of my malfunctioning ovaries deciding to jump ship and try its luck away from my crazy hormones. "so long, suckers!"


My Google hits look so boring in comparison!


Jackie Clune, a UK commedienne, delivered her spontaneously conceived triplets at 34 weeks, and she wasn't on bedrest or anything else before hand, not sure how that works. She is quite tall and broadly built, I'm sure that helps.Here is her writing about having 4 under 3What an interesting post, thanks for all the thoughts.

ms. c

Thanks for visiting my blog, karen. Your comments mean alot to me.Your google posts make me laugh, and also leave me a bit bewildered... sometimes I am left wondering what people REALLY are looking for...


Ok. This cracks me up! I've had some odd google hits that led people to my blog too-- but I can't remember any off the top of my head.


Too funny! I always look at the Google searches, too. I like how you answered the questions - wonder if any of those folks will check back?


how can you look up your google search hits? there are some random hits out there! love the post!


Those are some crazy hits, but you are great to take the time and address each of them. I truly laughed out loud at the one regarding the ovary that might get loose and come out. Seriously? Wow.Sorry to hear that things are so rough physically, but you seem to be hanging in there just fine. I've been sending lots of happy, positive thoughts your way each day.


i just found out i'm pregnant with triplets, and i was freaking out about my u/s, so i think i might have been part of the reason you got "triplet ultrasound". :)ooh, and i'm quite tall and broadly built. that's comforting.


Wow your hits amaze me. I get NOTHING like that! You must be just so full of wisdom!!!


Ok- so my comment isnt related to today's post- but I just had to say how glad I am to have found you. Actually december sent me to you last week and I was instantly addicted!Last week we thought we were pregnant with twins via IVF. Today we found out that we're actually having triplets. One decided to turn into a set of identical twins. Triplets! Crazy!!Anywhooo- as this all sinks in I'm looking forward to your entries to come...Jennifer


I found your site through a search for more info on the sextuplets as well - that's funny that this is the first post I read.Congrats on the triplets and good luck. I also have ID trip girls, 2-1/2 years old :) Like I said - good luck!


Walking kind of hurts when you have OHSS. You're still supposed to do it, or at least move around enough to prevent blood clots, but it kind of hurts.

Rachel Inbar

Great answers :-) I'm getting lots of hits about the Masche sextuplets on my blog. I actually checked for interesting or funny searches on mine, but they're mostly pretty ordinary.You haven't mentioned your foster son in a while. How's he doing? How are you managing?


I'm so glad I can finally read your blog! Came to visit a few times since I first read about a namesake of mine on Tersia's blog, but couldn't get in, and yessss today I finally get to "meet" you. Take care of yourself and congratulations on the triplets: you're more than halfway there!


thanks, once again, for the comic relief!I get such boring searches...


Wild hits! I love it! I'll have to check and see what mine are. Congrats on the triplets! How exciting!I'm looking forward to meeting you tonight at Cheesecake Factory!


Hey Karen,I'm a lurker who didn't find your blog by any of those questions listed, but am still enjoying your blog!I just wanted to let you know, I took Topamax throught both my triplet pregnancy in '05 & my twin pregnancy in '06. All of my kiddos are relatively normal (as normal as possible with the parents they have!) and while my Md's chose to do more routine u/s to check on their development, all was well! Suffer no more! Oh, and I took 100mg bid. One in the Am, one in the PM. Good luck! I'll keep reading!and feel free to visit my blog if you'd like, www.jbrooke7.typepad.com


Just found your blog today and I'm looking forward to following it. Congrats on your pregnancy!It took DH and I almost 5 years to conceive our triplet boys. They were born last November at 36 weeks gestation. Check out our blog to see a glimpse of your future! Best to you.


That was a great post. I love when I leave someone's page smarter than before. :)


i'm way behind the times! it is crazy how much information you can look up with that stat counter! it's addicting...oh well, more to do to pass the time away! thanks for the info!

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