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June 06, 2007


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malky B.

very funny post!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so helpful and funny!

My Reality

I am laughing at these. . .


LOL! Great!


This cracked me up (and made me pee a little). Thanks for posting!

In Search of Morning Sickness

LOL!!! I Love, Love, Love looking at Google searches that lead people to my blog. Unless of course, they're like some of the sad ones you got. But still, that last one... HA! Thanks for a great laugh.


you made me giggle and for that I thank you!

The Town Criers

I love reading how people find me via searches. The really good ones I jot down for a laugh later on :-) Yours commentary is too funny.


Some of those made me want to cry, but some had me laughing out loud -- ah, the *joys* of IF!!


"sneezing after IUI" wasn't me, but I'm glad to know that some one else is as crazy as I am. I started a sneezing attack no less than 20 minutes after mine on Friday. And then I had to poop before it had even been an hour...Thanks for a laugh!

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