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June 19, 2007


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Just came upon your blog, very well written and interesting. all the best to you and yours!!

ms. c

I loved hearing about J (I, too, was wondering how he was doing with your pregnancy!) Glad to hear that all is well (save the heacahes, heartburn and nausea...). I'm not imporessed with the sonographer refering to your babies as hers. That's just weird.


uneventful pregnancy is great news! glad to see you're doing so well. and congrats about getting all transferred to the new docs office.


ooh, look at me listed on the side now!just wanted to say that 1) i will be seeing a perinatologist, i just don't know when (soon, i suppose) - you mentioned that in my blog and 2) thanks for reassuring me about the 4000 calorie thing. 3) so you're not finding out the sexes of the babies? i'm glad to hear that's possible. anyway, love your blog, it's great. :)


wow, your pregnancy sounds wonderful! maybe that's a weird comment, but i think it's a good thing. even the uncomfortable stuff. i think the sonographer sounded weird, too. hm.here's hoping your aches and pains improve (and that baby A stops tap-dancing on your cervix!)


so glad everything is going well, though I am sorry to hear about the cervix issue!


wow, 19w6d! You're a superstar. Seriously, the appointments and the uneventfulness sound wonderful.

My Reality

I am glad that there is nothing really interesting going on here! Boring with a triplet pregnancy is good. Really good. I hope things stay boring for many more weeks.


My dear- you ARE that interesting! I am very impressed by 500 hits--it's a sign of the important and intelligent things you have to share.

Quilao Triplets

Great update. Very happy to read that the babies look good and that you were able to transfer over to the peri's office and remove that worry from your life! Also glad that you are having some relief from the migraines. I suffer from them every once in awhile and could not imagine having them almost daily while being pregnant.Take care,Casey


Had to comment yet again. . .we live in the same neck of the woods. . .what a small world! My boys were delivered at U. of M.

Rachel Inbar

I'm glad to hear that J knows you're having free babies :-) and glad to hear you're doing well :-)

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I'm so happy for that everything is going so well. I remember how long and painful those US exams were -just with twins. I can't imagine. It must be uncomfortable and overhwelming, and the migraines sound awful. You handle it all very impressively -I think you're going to be an awesome mom.


It sounds like all is doing well, mean sonographer excluded. And I agree that those cervix whacks hurt like mad! I think P stayed breech so long just so he could continue to kick me in my cervix. Stinker. Sorry about the UTI, though. That just adds to the discomforts. I am glad to hear that some of your migraines are responding to the codeine, and that J is so excited about having little ones around the house. I love that he says "free" for three...P says "flee". It's so cute!


YAY for all the good news about the pregnancy at this point.Question for you though and I apologize if you have answered it somewhere. Are you planning on finding out the sexes? It sounded like you didn't want to know. Just curious!


I just wanted to say again how great it was to meet you yesterday. Hopefully we didn't make you feel too awkward as our resident Stirrup Queen Graduate.It was just so nice that you decided to join in, I can't imagine it without you.

Malky B.

my blood pressure is always higher at any doctors office - it can be that your nervous and not just the size of the cuff although it does help if they try it with the bigger cuff. My sonographer was so obnoxious as well. I asked her if she could be more gentle and her response was if you think this hurts wait till you have to go through labor. Like thanks alot lady just what I needed to hear. Glad the babbies are doing well as well as J. I was just thinking as well that you haven't metioned him recently!


I thought it would be painful to read this post of yours, but it's sooooo nice to read about something that is working for a change! Your migraines stuns me - I don't know how you do it, honestly! I get one every 2nd month or so and sometimes I just wish I could die than experience that pain. Thinking of you!


Your life sounds incredibly busy. Congrats on the triplets!

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