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May 17, 2007


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I'm glad you have an appt today.It COULD be Braxton-Hicks (although really, that's not a term you want to use, since it means unproductive contractions and you will never KNOW whether your contractions are unproductive, you want to treat 'em all as a threat) but it could also be ligament pain from ginormous uterine expansion.At some point, talk to your docs about niphedipine. It's a beta-blocker smooth-muscle relaxant that can be started at low dosage/low intervals and then upped (in strength and frequency) as the pregnancy progresses, as a low-intervention way to ease contractions. It's sort of a pre-terbutaline/terbutaline-alternative route.Hope the dr appt goes well!


oh goodness. that sounds terribly unpleasant. i'm glad you have an appointment today too. i would hardly call you alarmist on this. let us know how it goes.


I started having them with P at 15w3d, so it definitely could be those. It's not necessarily a reason for concern--he wasn't born until 37w5d and the only thing the doctor said was to rest a little more, drink plenty, and restrict my exercise to swimming (I'd been walking 2 miles a day and that's when I had most of them). No meds, no bedrest. Even with those changes, I continued having them daily until he was born, sometimes quite frequently. Scared the hell out of me.I'm glad you have a dr appt to check it out!

The Town Criers

I hope it's alarmist. I can look up when I started having B-H, but I think it was pretty early. And I didn't go until 33 weeks. I think it just starts much earlier with multiples--and I think triplets over twins it would be even earlier.Hoping for a good news update later.

In Search of Morning Sickness

Obviously, I'm HOPING for alarmist, but you really seem to be more on the side of "just seriously in tune with my body." You'll be in my thoughts, let us know.


It's not too early at all. With one of my pregnancies I started getting them around week 13 or 14. Make sure you're drinking lots and lots (and lots and lots) of water. It helps.


Hey, I just started reading your blog...I hope you are not having BH just yet!! Good luck and keep us posted...

My Reality

You may be 15w 1d, but there are three of them ini there, so even though it is still early, your uterus is probably much larger than 15w 1d.I hope the appointment went well today.

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