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May 20, 2007


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Twisted Ovaries

Count me in as another migraine sufferer-28 years and counting. They did lessen when I hit adulthood, but pregnancy has brought them on with a fiery vengeance. For me (as I suspect with you) the medication is out of the question while knocked up. I get to suck it up and deal with them, and although people said they'd go away in the 2nd trimester, um...they haven't.I too am hanging in there until September. It'll be a great summer, yeah?


Sorry - blogger does this weird "google/blogger identity" thing and I forget that it doesn't have my web address or email attached. Thanks for dedicating a whole post to responding to me! I now have contact info attached - just be forewarned that my website is a mommy blog.


I really hope you have some options. I've had migraines for almost 15 years, but they're well-controlled by medication and got better during pregnancy. I hope the neuro says something can be done and really works for you.


I'm generally against "alternative" medicine, but have you tried chiropractic or acupuncture?For headaches and backaches in my pregnancy, chiropractic has been a complete godsend. My sister-in-law had excellent results with acupuncture especially for nausea.I know that both are terribly expensive and come with zero guarantees, but if you're really suffering, maybe it's worth a shot...For the record: I don't believe that chiropractic can cure anything that isn't related to displacement/pain/tension in the back/neck, which means that it might not do anything for migraines. On the other hand, the migraines may be aggravated/triggered by tension in your neck... so..Good luck.And feel good. And I hope you make it to where I am (34 weeks)...

In Search of Morning Sickness

Here's to just really hoping something can help those migranes!!!! During pregnancy! Wish I knew something, but I don't. :(


Hi! This may sound weird but... I had a mADD headache last night and I tried this vinegar remedy my sis told me about. Here it is: Add about 3 tbs of White Vinegarto a medium size bowl of warm or hot water. Then soak a wash cloth into it.. rinse it but leave it somewhat wet apply it over your forehead while you lay down. In the morning you should be feeling pretty good. Good Luck ... Mory

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