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May 25, 2007


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My Reality

I hope you will get some relief from the migraines. I had awful migraines when I was younger and now only get them periodically. When they were constant, I was miserable. I can feel you pain. I hope the new drugs work at least a little!


hopefully the new meds will help. You have such a great attitude about all this - you sound like such a trooper.


oy poor you. feel better. Keep cool, and remember to drink a lot. You Americans often forget that you need 2 liters of water every day!!!!!


I find your blog so interesting with all the migraine info since I also suffer from them...not that I'm glad you have them but it's just interesting to see what treatments others get.I tried Topamax a few years ago and remember it very well. I lost about 15 pounds on that stuff but, unfortunately, it didn't do much for the migraines. The only drug that I have found to work is Frova. I'm curious about what they'd say about taking that in the 3rd trimester...I'll ask tomorrow!

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