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May 18, 2007


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Hurray! So glad you are feeling well today. Maybe it was your lucky penny I picked up this morning!


glad to hear you are feeling better today! i love to hear about what your little ones are doing in there. also glad to hear that you're getting some attention paid to your migraines. nothing is worse than a migraine when you're not pregnant. i can't imagine what you must be going through. i hope you are able to find a bit of relief soon.


YAY, go you!I am so glad you're feeling better and I hope it continues...take care sweetie!!

Hopeful Mother

Let it continue, I say!


so glad you are feeling better. Yep, the first trimester is painful and last into the 2nd trimester... Thinking of you and your triplets. Take good care of yourself


Yes, go you! Glad you are feeling so good.


Glad that the migraine subsided for now and I hope that continues. I just read your previous post and can so relate to your statement about being relieved that someone finally takes you serious about migraine pains. I, too, suffer from migraines and I always feel like people think I'm a wimp because they wipe me out...if only they knew. Sounds like the babies are doing great! I've got a couple of wigglers, too. I'm laying on the couch now and my stomach is doing some crazy things!!!Hope the good feelings last!!!

My Reality

I am glad you are feeling good today. I hope you don't over do it with your new found energy.


Wahoo, glad you are feeling good! I hope the new (old) neurologist has a miracle cure for your migranes. Keep your eye on those contractions -- you are NOT an alarmist. You've got 3 babies' lives depending on you, so take absolutely every precaution you need to in order to safeguard them. Go to the doctor every 4 days to get checked out if that's what you need to do. If anyone treats you like a worry-wart, tell me and I will go beat them up! :-)


So glad you had a Human Day! I hope there are many more to come.(isn't it awesome to see them doing human baby things in there?)


I love the baby updates, thank you for that.So glad you had a good day. Hope there are many more ahead of you!


Keep up the good work!

In Search of Morning Sickness

I continue to be amazed at your courage and fortitude with each day in your triplet pregnancy. Not just a triplet pregnancy, but the previa, the migraines, the amazing amount of nausea. I don't think you're a complainer, but ehen you do post a really happy/positive post, I'm all the more glad to read it because I really feel you deserve the best of the best. The hiccuping baby is TOO cute!

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