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May 08, 2007


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Quilao Triplets

Hi Karen,Sorry to hear about your migraines. I get them periodically, but could not imagine having them constantly while pregnant with triplets. I hope you find some relief soon and get some rest. About the doctor issue, I agree with you 100% to go with the perinatologist and it sounds wonderful that you have met all 3 in the practice and like all of them! I loved my Peri (probably as much as you love your OB) and felt so much better knowing that he was an expert in high risk pregnancies. Hopefully, you can simply let your OB know that it is easier on YOU to only have to go to one set of dr appts.....the last thing you need is to bring more stress into your life by juggling the dr situation. The best part of the peri's office was ultrasounds at every visit, which won't happen with your OB! Go with your instinct and put yourself first! Your OB should understand:)Casey


Ugh, I'm a wimp about that stuff too... but I'm the kind of wimp who would just cancel my next appointment and tell them I'd be back for postpartum care.Sorry 'bout the migraines.


I agree with your doctor friend. If you tell them you'll be back, that ought to be enough. I seriously doubt they'd ask any questions, but it's easy enough to say that coordinating two sets of appointments is too much for you to handle. (You're busy growing three humans, after all!)

In Search of Morning Sickness

First off, I'm soooo sorry about the migranes! Every story I hear about kidney stones talkes about immense pain, so if you're saying you'd prefer them to your migranes - OWWW! I really hope you can get some relief, I cannot understand how you can function with that level of pain!Secondly, I totally get the whole doctor situation, but your instinct to keep it at the peri's office seems right. I am in the process of trying to transfer my IUI's to a place closer, and even though I have the dr's direct phone number at my current office, I don't want to talk to him directly because I don't want to hurt his feelings for trying to switch (even though I know he'd be supportive). Wimp.You're right, we can bank J's sperm so I can use when he can't fly out. I haven't put a ton of research into it yet, but it's not cheap and in all honesty, right now J really wants to "be" there when/if his child is conceived. I want to respect that since it's only a couple of months.Thanks for stopping by!


I think you have to do what feels right for you. The doctor's feelings aren't your problem. go with your gut - it will be right.


i simply cannot imagine the pain of your migraines if you prefer a kidney stone to them. i hope you get some relief soon.about the OB -- i'm a wuss about that kind of stuff too. your OB should totally understand though. you need to do what is best for you and the babies.


I am one of those pain-in-the-ass patients who feels as if I've hired my doctor and that I am paying (through my insurance, of course!) for his or her care.I am their client, as well as a patient.So when it's time to move on for any reason, I just do it. Sometimes I'm direct, as in telling them the reason why, other times I've just moved and had my records transferred.You don't need ANY more stress! If you feel more comfortable, I'd just take your friend's advice and tell them you'll be back for post-partum care and have any pertinent medical history sent over to the perinatologist.If they make you uncomfortable at all, that's very unprofessional...so follow your gut, and make it as easy on yourself as possible.(I'm actually WAY more nervous switching hair dressers for some odd reason. Doctors? No prob! But finding a new colorist? Good lord, the GUILT!)Take care, 'k??


it sounds like you have made your mind up about your care...so do what YOU feel is right for YOU and your babies at any cost...and stick to it! sure doctors have egos, but they ultimately want what is best for you. always remember it is YOUR decision. take stress OUT of your life! ;)

My Reality

Could you somehow have the peri do your dirty work for you? Could they request any info they needed?


Tell your OB what you explained here in your post. You explained it well.If you are concerned something might go wrong and you'll want the assistance of your OB like you had last year but you won't be able to have it because you've transferred care, tell him that too. Proper arrangements to keep him in the loop should be able to be made.


I'm convinced that being seen by only one office, and that office being the MFM clinic, was the single greatest reason why I delivered my babies as late as I did. Transfer your care, call the nurse to explain that you simply will not have the energy or time to juggle appointments as the pregnany progresses, remind them that cervical length measurements are hard enough to compare without adding different offices and machinery into the mix, and sail off happily. Honestly, I saw my peri for my six-week post-partum exam (they insisted) and went back to my OB/Gyn office for the following year's pap smear.I'm sorry about the migraines, but glad the kidney stone has resolved. I hope you can get your relaxation where ever it shows up.

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