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May 02, 2007


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sorry to hear you're feeling so badly. i'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for the nuchal scan tomorrow!

My Reality

Crossing my fingers that the scan goes well tomorrow.


ahhh woman...i KNOW those symptoms all too well! hang in there..i know it SUCKS! i have to watch myself sometimes when i'm talking around friends who can't get pregnant, b/c i'm SO frickin' negative sometimes! so, i'm right there with ya! and man, i thought i was going to be able to work until week 20, but that was a joke...go ahead and get prepared for the possibility that you might have to quit sooner. just listen to your body, i was LIMPING to my car everyday! let us know how the nuchal scan goes..they look for that with my identicals everytime, and everytime i hold my breath!

The Town Criers

I am sending luck, crossing fingers, and doing many other superstitious things for the test tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I'll be thinking about you all day and sending good thoughts.


Hooray for thirteen weeks! I imagine you are both feeling relieved to have made it to thirteen weeks and feeling nervous about feeling relieved.Any reason not to keep and use a wheelchair at work for however long you keep working?How's your B12? There are supplements that can be taken sublingually.Best wishes for calm and relaxation.

Rachel Inbar

Good luck with the scan! As for the pain & discomfort, I bought one of those totally un-sexy (to put it mildly) maternity belts and it made a huge difference (from not being able to walk at all to walking with no pain). I wore it during almost all of my waking hours. Enjoy seeing your cuties :-)

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