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April 11, 2007


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Do you regularly take anything for kidney stones? I had one at 25 weeks this time and one at 11 last time. I would also get them once a month if I didn't take medication to prevent them from crystallizing. It is called Urocit K, and it is basically tons of potassium, and is considered probably safe... You can email me if you like. anonmom@excite.com

My Reality

I can't believe you are pregnant with triplets. I couldn't imaging living it! I hope the kidney stone stops before it really gets a start.


I love that the reality of this hasn't hit you yet... it hasn't hit me either and I'm most probably only having one. Sorry to hear that you might also be growing a kidney stone, geez your body's just working on overdrive huh! Drinks lots an' lots of cranberry juice.xo Anns


Yup, you're pregnant. This is really your life! And I hope you don't wake up from it!I'm excited for you.


I'm sure it definitely feels like a dream - like you've won the IVF equivalent of Powerball!As far as the MFM doctor and reduction issues go, it is your right to request more information, more guidance on EVERYTHING before making a decision.


Thumbs down to kidney stones. I hope for your sake that you're wrong.Thumbs up to the triplets. It makes me smile - can't imagine how you're feeling!!

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