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April 20, 2007


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Yikes, I know from my sis how stressful bed rest can be, so I'm hoping it goes okay for you. It's never easy for a busy woman to be told to confine her activities to the bed and/or couch...so...TAKE IT EASY!(Did I need to emphasize that by using all caps?)Please, please take it as easy as you can. Sending you good wishes!

Baby Blues

Just stressing what watson said, "TAKE IT EASY!" Bed rest is never easy but hang in there.


I'm with Watson on this one. I hope that the placenta previa resolves itself quickly. I know bedrest is almost inevitable with triplets, but I hope everything's OK so you're off restriction soon!


Relax, relax, relax.


placenta previa, gosh...you be careful and take it easy! for sure keep us updated!

The Town Criers

Wow--please take it easy. Sending good thoughts to you. Let me know if you guys need anything--I'm obviously around tonight/tomorrow.


Well, at least you know the cause of the bleeding. Take the bed rest seriously and, yes, take it easy. My SIL had placenta previa and did not take it completely easy at first, and her bleeding increased. She had to completely STOP before things bot better.Hoping for the best for you!


Hope you'll be ok - all of you! fngrs crssd

My Reality

At least you know why you were bleeding. I hope your taking it easy has helped things a bit.

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