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April 24, 2007


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Dog nose?About the calories, do any high calorie drinks (ensure, milkshakes) sound good to you? Hope you're feeling better on that front soon!


Sounds like enough symptoms to me!


drink lots of smoothies! with ice cream! hope you're feeling better soon and can get some rest beyond 5:08am!


Enjoy them all!


I totally feel you on the dog nose symptom.I practically had a breakdown when someone had tuna fish for lunch at work today...I swear it was about an hour later but all I could do was hold my breath while getting some water and mutter, 'WHO ate the tuna?' under my breath as if it was a personal attack on me. Lordy.Girl, get those calories in you. Is there a Jamba Juice nearby?


the dog nose will get better! I hear you on the cramping. I was terrified of these, every time I was thinking of miscarriage. I guess it must be typical of multiple pregnancies. They lasted for a long time, then disappeared and then new pains came over me: stabbing pain in the belly. Argggh! Now, I really feel the baby and it is great, but very distracting. Thinking of you

My Reality

I vote for milkshakes - high in calories and they taste good! Glad all is going ok with you and the babies.


That exhaustion? Yeah, unfortunately that will last until they are 3 or so. ;-)Go for the smoothies for calories.


It's tough to find a beverage that both quenches thirst and contains calories and nutrients. You are at least getting calories from your daily Coca-Cola. Try a smoothie made of frozen fruit and lots of ice with only a splash of juice. If you accept the heksher, try V8 with ice.If the thirst seems different, not only extreme, make sure your blood levels are being checked.To reset your internal alarm clock, decide tonight that you will wake at 6:08 and picture the clock reading 6:08. Perform this task in your mind just as you would manually set a physical alarm clock. Don't think of not waking at 5:08; don't concentrate on 5:08 at all.


The water/food thing? Me too. And I don't have triplets.

The Town Criers

Oy 5:08. That is really really early. Dog nose does get better. The only way we got in calories in the beginning was we added powdered milk to milk. So it was double the protein and calories, but the same amount of liquid. If you can tolerate milk right now, it gives you liquid too.


I would love to offer sage advice, but suffice it to say I've never been advised to consume extra calories. :)That said, I've coached athletes who needed to. For the record, I'm not a doc, so double check everything with your docs, but:I totally second the "add powdered milk," but would expand it "to anything you can mix it with." Dump it in potatoes, pasta, anything you can that's not fleishig (natch).Also see if you can get pure glucose syrup. Fructose (glucose and sucrose mixed) can draw extra water into your intestines and make you feel dehydrated. Glucose will pack the same calories, is kosher parve, is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream (and stored as glycogen in your tissue) and can be added to damn near anything. It also doesn't taste as "sweet" as other sugars, which is why we use it with athletes in endurance sports.A triplet pregnancy is an endurance sport if I've ever heard of one.


A lot of similar symptoms as me. The dog nose is unbelievable - I can smell everything! Try drinking milk for thirst, at least that way you're getting some nutrients while quenching your thirst.I loved your previous post about your dr visit - sounds like you are in very good hands.

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