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April 20, 2007


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You're darn right it's okay to be high maintenance in your shoes, and I'm glad you see that super clearly. There's nothing wrong with running to the doctor for every twitch and discharge, if that's what makes you comfortable! I'm glad you're feeling better, and confident in your decision. I hope I can have the same strength if I'm ever in your shoes. :)

My Reality

If you think you are high maintenance now, just wait until you get further into this pregnancy! ;)Bottom line, you will do whatever you have to for your babies. No doctor could ever fault you for that.


Absolutely be as high-maintenance as you need to be. You're carrying triplets for goodness-sake! And, as you already pointed out, you're paying for this so they should give you the care you need. I'm so glad the bleeding has slowed.


You are doing great!I hope you can see, as you read over your collected postings, how well you really are doing at handling all of this. It's impressive.


This post really made me smile. Yes you're having triplets and yes it's high risk. It's also friggin' wonderful.I'm so glad you're starting claim your rights as a mother of triplets! And also that the bleeding has slowed down. Heaven knows, even I've become attached to the little critters :-)


I'm just catching up on the emergency now. I'm glad all is still well, I swear the same exact thing happened to me (the cramping is particularly scary -- but get used to the weird twinges, because your muscles don't like what's happening, no uterus is meant to grow that fast and the ligaments will do a number on you), and I hope it all calms down VERY SOON.I agree, btw, run to the doctor whenever you need to. That's why you're going to be paying them the very big bucks.


I'm glad you've come to that realisation. The docs are there to help you, and you are not having a normal pregnancy. Let's hope it's a succsesful pregnancy, nonetheless.


First of all, I'm so glad that everything is okay with you and your parasites.Second of all you are doing what you have to do to take care of your babies - embrace it!


Be as high maintenance as you want to be. After all, you are caring for FOUR people's lives here so that clearly warrants lots of attention. Don't ever, ever feel guilty about that. I'm glad to hear you are at peace with your decision, and will be waiting with baited breath to hear the results of today's NT scan.


Be as high maintenance as you need to be!I hope everything is ok. I am getting a little attached to your parasites, too! (But your needs are more important than mine, of course, since, after all, I am not the one carrying triplets!)


So glad things are ok with you and the parasites!There's nothing at all "high maintenance" about calling on bleeding& cramping. Not with any pregnancy, triplet or otherwise. You're supposed to call!Also, Dr. P sounds like quite an ass.

Twisted Ovaries

It's okay to admit I'm attached to the little monsters.We reached the same conclusion on nearly the same day.It's going to be a long ride, eh? I'm pleased for you though. There has to be some kind of catharsis in the moving forward now, yes, things are not going to be easy, especially as you are the Patron Saint of Bleeding, but the indecision and choices must have been killing you. Here's to peace, yeah? *raises virtual margarita*


oh gosh, if i could only learn that lesson as well! and it doesn't help that i'm a nurse! i'm still a freaked out mother when it comes to my little quads as well! you go ahead!


Darn tooting it's okay!

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