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April 22, 2007


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Rachel Inbar

Wow. You've certainly got a lot on your mind... The appointment sounds great. Although I had great medical care (I had just twins), I didn't know then how to be assertive about getting my questions answered (not to mention the fact that I went to all of my appointments alone). Bedrest is not fun. It caused me to obsess about the pregnancy, making every day seem even longer than it did otherwise... I remember not being able to do anything or focus on anything... How are you handling the care for your foster son? This must be really difficult for you. I hope that the placenta previa at least resolves itself quickly.


I feel for you on the bedrest thing, I don't know how to advise handling it. Perhaps deciding to get skilled a new hobby - knitting, quilting? Perhaps deciding to become an expert at everything to do with a particular author? You could decide to read all of Trollope perhaps, or Dickens? I guess it's going to be tough whatever happens.Let's hope that your placenta previa resolves, at least, give you one less thing to worry about. And thank goodness for what sounds like a wonderful doctor practice for you.


I've been following your blog...I found myself following a lot of blogs when I was on bedrest!I went on strict pelvic bedrest at 19 weeks for preterm labor and delivered at 38 weeks a very healthy little girl.I don't know what you are going through with triplets, but I was intrested in your take on reuction after you were bleeding. This baby was a HUGE surprise...and I cried for several days after finding out I was pregnant. I did NOT want another baby (we have a 3 and 5 year old and are in the process of adopting). That same week I started bleeding....the thought of losing the baby realized how much I had already become attached to it. I reffered to her as a parasite throughout my pregnancy as well. :)I can't offer much advice on getting through bedrest other than you will just get through it. Hopefully you have a laptop and wireless internet..because honestly..that is what got me through it. I didn't feel like I was completely alone in the world. One thing our peri did tell us that to explain to our children that mommy wasn't sick...that it was the baby who needed mommy to lay down. She said children at that age (3-5) will often worry that it is mommy who is sick and isn't going to get better. We found out that once we explained that...they actually were a lot more comfortable with the situation. Before that my 5 year old was very concerned...and kept asking why the doctor couldn't make me better.Good luck to you and your babies. I'm pulling for you!Alyssa


I cannnot believe how calm and assured you "sound" right now, despite the information overload. You've obviously hit the jackpot with your prenatal care. Wonderful!What a great post! I can't wait to read more. So glad the little ones are doing well!

My Reality

I wouldn't imagine bedrest will be fun, but if it helps the babies, it will be worth it. Dr. P sounds fantastic. He is obviously used to dealing with higher order multiples and seems to have given you lots of great info.


I don't know if I commented before, I've been following your blog avidly for a bit now (like checking right after Shabbos to see what happened Friday!). I don't know if this sounds crazy, but I am so so happy for you that you feel so good with this doc. I feel like that will make such a huge diff. Information overload is way way better than the confusion you guys were feeling before. I totally love Dr. P. (the second) already, and it sounds like you do to.


WOW I just learned tons through you. I can't believe that you got it all straight. That is a lot of information. I hope you can find lots of fun things to do on bedrest. First question, do you have TiVo? You need it!


Total information overload. I can't believe they are already 11 and half weeks...I know you probably don't even want to think about it more (but I am sure you already have) ... what's gonna happen with work? Have you told any one yet? Could you possibly work from the couch? The turning over, and moving ... is incredible, isn't it? I think when I saw the arm move ... it was the first time it was really *real* to me that this might actually happen.


What a GREAT appointment, Karen. Your perinatologist sounds wonderful. I hope the previa resolves soon so you that's one less thing to think about!


Thanks for a great post! I am so glad the critters are doing well and that you are getting the best available care. Personally, I would go with questions to the specialist first because as you said the OB will direct you to him anyway. Re: bed rest, I read somewhere that what makes it somewhat bearable is to get organized and make plans: watch this movie, read that book, knit that hat, etc. I have been on a lot of bed rest with my 3 transfers and my PIO problems, and I wished I had organized my days better, instead of watching too much bad TV! Thinking of you

Egged Out

Thank you for sharing - you are an inspriation. You are brave, smart, and thoughtful - I admire you. For the bedrest, a great book on tape/cd/mp3 can be a nice distraction and is easier than reading all day (and not as boring as tv). But it's gotta be a great book or your mind will wander. All the best to you and your threebies.


crap, that IS a lot to take in! It sounds like you'll be in very competent hands with this peri. They sound like they take the time to really understand things, which is awesome.I really hope the previa resolves itself for you so that you can come off bedrest. I'm sure that's not the most fun ever.


Goodness! That sounded like a very thorough and excellent appointment. I'm glad they are taking everything so seriously and giving you all the options, risks, and benefits. It sounds like they presented a very even-handed viewpoint without pressuring you to make any decisions in either direction.Bedrest--ugh. I hope the placenta previa resolves quickly so that you don't have that one worry any more.


holy information! what a great post. it sounds as if your doc is fantastic and that you're in the best of hands. i hope that at the very least your placenta previa and that bed rest won't become a normal state of being!

The Town Criers

That definitely is information overload. But your medical team sounds extremely thorough and caring. Bed rest is hard. People joke about it, but it's difficult to be still and be in bed and think about other things you want to do. It's not relaxing. But I would be happy to come over and bother you once you're on bed rest. And I will even bring baked goods.


Ugh, bedrest sucks. I recommend asking that special someone to buy you a good hammoch so you can spend more time outside. Hammocks kick ass, and your foster son will love joining you in it.

Baby Blues

I suggest you stock up on movies and good books. Hoping for a smooth pregnancy.


great info, i enjoyed the read. ya know, i thought bedrest would be horrible too...but i am so completely exhausted, that i sleep aLOT! i don't WANT to get up and do anything right now! maybe that will change, but i am loving it right now! good luck with your pregnancy, i will keep in touch!

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