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April 29, 2007


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My Reality

Complain away, Karen. You are pregnant with TRIPLETS. Fighting with your hubby is always tough, but you have a ton of hormones running through your body right now, so it is no surprise you are feeling a little down. I hope the kidney stone is gone and never comes back. Take a little time for yourself and hopefully, you will feel better as the day progresses. I wish I was closer!


I wrote a song about it....to the tune of "if you're happy and you know it."If you're pregnant and you're coughing, change your pants.If you're pregnant and you're coughing, change your pants.If you're pregnant and you're coughing, then a puddle's in the offing.If you're pregnant and you're coughing, change your pants.Btw, kegels really do help some. I still have to THINK about it before I cough, but I can usually keep from leaking.


That's OK. You are exhausted, and hormonal, plus you have allergies and a bad migraine... Which makes it totally OK to pick up a fight with your Hubby! And the crying, totally normal too! Being pregnant is hard, and the first trimester really really sucks. I hope you will feel better soon. Take good care of yourself, and maybe if you can, see a therapist -- you have a lot on your mind these days. Not that I recommend seeing a therapist at the first crying episode, but your situation is stressful, you are pregnant with TRIPLETS, and sick as a dog, you need some support!

Malky B.

Being hotter than everyone else is totally normal for a pregnant woman - I imagine carrying 3 would make it even worse. Nursing also makes you extra hot - the first summer after I had Rivky was brutal for me. Sorry your feeling so sick. Hope you start feeling better soon. I can imagine that both you and your hubby are feeling alot of stress right now and that can easily lead to fighting.


I hope it's better by the time you read this.Did you know that each placenta produces its own set of hormones? Uh, YEAH. So the fight, while distressing and regrettable, is also about par for the course.If you can work on the triggers now, you'll be in better shape six weeks after the babies are born and both of you haven't slept more than 2 hours in a row in weeks.Although: Get Over Yourself? Huh? There's gotta be a father of twins or triplets in your circle who can explain how many lines that crossed.Good luck with all the rest. I hope you did pass the stone, if it was a stone, just so it's gone.


For the allergies, perhaps try some rooibos tea. Iced might be especially refreshing. With some soy milk could give you a bit of protein too.


I hope things improve quickly - what a sucktacular day!!


That sounds like a truly horrific day. But the lying on the kitchen floor piece gave me two thoughts (1) you must have a very clean kitchen floor. I can't imagine lying on my floor (old house, old kitchen, not that I'm a horrid cleaner!) and so I am impressed that you have a clean house given everything that's going on (2) remembering some times during my very hormonal teenage years when I would go lie in a corner and cry unnecessarily about nothing, really, and how hard it was to pull myself together and be rational. So pregnant with TRIPLETS is a LOT more hormones than my 16-year old self, so I am not surprised that there was crying on the kitchen floor. I hope that eventually you laughed a little about it?And I hope that you start to feel a little better soon. Take care of yourself, and complain all you want.


oh gosh, sorry you're having such a rough time.I have been hotter too, it's very strange, but I think it's normal. My poor hubby has been freezing because I need every space to cooler than he is used to.hang in there. hope you feel better soon.


Karen, I've only just found your blog and all I can say right now is 'holy cow do you have a lot going on'! I'll certainly hope that things get easier soon.

The Town Criers

I feel the same way. Whenever I have a fight with someone--especially my husband--everything feels off until it blows over. I hope he came home from giving blood and you two worked everything out. A light pad for the leakage...Just wear one every day.


It sounds as though our hubbies are cut from the same cloth.Rarely do we fight, but when we have a big row, horrific things get said and they tend to come from him.I cannot imagine having a kidney stone in addition to the other ... uh ... challenges of a triplet pregnancy. I hope things get easier from here on out.A friend of mine is small in stature like you but had a nine pound baby. I asked her how hard it was and she said she'd take it over the kidney stone she had any day. Just remembering it gives me goose bumps.Hang in there. Worst case scenario, I'll drive down and beat up the hubby. :)

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