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March 30, 2007


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Maybe Pepsi tastes less funny? :-P


To me, Coke in a can tastes different than Coke in a cup (you know, from a restaurant/ fast food place). You could try the other and maybe it will be its usual DEElicious self. However, I will say that it sucks that your favorite thing tastes weird. Coke is one of the only things that makes me feel better when nauseous, and I would be equally horrified if I couldn't/didn't want to drink it.


Oh. My. God.I am THIS close to getting on a plane, coming to MD, and snatching that Coke from your hands.I have been on this damn fluid restriction for over TWO weeks now, just drinking 1 liter of Gatorade a day. And that's all. And I swear, I've been dreaming of a nice, ice cold Coke. We keep them in the fridge at work and I stare longlingly at the beautiful red cans. Mmmmmmmmm.[mouth watering]I hope your taste for them comes back!!

My Reality

I agree. Pepsi isn't an acceptable option for anything. Except cleaning the toilet. Pour it in, let it sit and the citric acid and stuff does the rest. You could do the same thing with Coke, but since it is nectar of the gods, you wouldn't want to flush any of it!Have you tried Coke in the little glass bottles? Maybe it would taste ok.


I stand corrected.


Maybe the KLP Coke will be better? Or maybe it was KLP coke you were drinking?Anyhoo. I'm a Pepsi person myself. But it must really be rough without something you can count on. Maybe it'll be better by the time Pesach is over?Other than that, how's things?

Baby Blues

Next to coffee, giving up my Coca.cola will be difficult for me too. Maybe the familiar comfortable taste will come back eventually.


Coke kicks Pepsi's ass any day of the week, and non of that Diet Coke or Zero nonsense... it's gotta be Coke the good old fashioned way. Try drinking it from a can... or a bottle... or a soda fountain. I've always found a difference between the 3... perhaps your babies are making you more sensitive now.Anns xo

Reproductive Jeans

I just stumbled over here from BB and wanted to offer a late congrats for your great news--yay 3 babies! Best of luck with your pregnancy, and I hope coke tastes normal to you again SOON!


Yes, the KLP tastes totally different (sugar instead of corn syrup). Hopefully you can enjoy one of the two...I found the coke in the USA a big disappointment after the sugar-only of Israel. I stuck with Dr. Pepper and iced tea most of my trip to the USA (but that was only weeks 11-14)

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