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March 15, 2007


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Well, I really hope she doesn't see 4.If she does, you should stop doing scans!I know this has to be a chaotic time emotionally. You are justified in all your emotions, doubts, and worries right now.


I think I might be afraid to do another scan just because they seem to keep multiplying in there! I can completely see where you're coming from in your fears and worries. It's absolutely impossible for me to imagine how hard this must be for all of you.


It stinks that you are in so much pain. Can you do anything nonpharmaceutical to help with the discomfort and anxiety? Acupuncture? Floating in a pool? Aromatherapy?Is there anyone in your community from whom you and your husband can borrow a car for a month or two?It makes sense to be terrified. I'm not sure to say to be of any comfort. Right now I'm hoping that if any of the potential triplets are not going to make it, the disappearance happens in the next week.As for the best case, three babies could weigh in closer to 3.5 pounds each, and arrive at the beginning of October, no? If we're talking best case?

My Reality

Maybe you shouldn't even joke about 4. . . You dreamt about 3 and look what happened. I still don't know what to really say - just know I am thinking of you.


Hiya!I am a little infertile PCOS girl from Britih Columbia and I came over to you via "The Island". Although your situation sounds surreal, 3 babies at once! Wow! It inspires me.All the best...I'll be lurking.

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