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March 26, 2007


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Blegh. It stinks that a good sign has to be so miserable. FWIW, I get hammered every time I get smug about anything having to do with P and thinking that something is easy.


I am so sorry. It is all your hormones in your body! Nausea usually disappear after the first trimester, but it is one long and painful period. Eat small amounts on a regular basis. Do not eat to much. Do eat all the time. Carbs are the easiest thing to keep (bread and rice). You will eat plenty of healthy things when you feel better. Thinking of you


Bummer. On the bright side, if you're gonna puke it up anyhow, now is the time to eat junk food! Yaaaay!Well, that's how I'd rationalize it anyway.At least you'll have lots of time to search for chametz around the toilet... Feel better!


Wow, even with so much going on, you are incredibly brave and strong and still manage to keep your kick-ass sense of humor!I can't imagine what you're going through, I know you're faced with lots of happiness and lots of fear, all hitting you in the face at the same time. I hope you do feel entitled to experience ALL of these emotions, because you ARE!Okay, just my two cents :-)

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