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March 11, 2007


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You are not whining. If this were happening to anyone, it would freak us all out just a tad. Your reaction is COMPLETELY justified by the circumstances. Take care of yourself and relax this weekend (I know - easier said than done).

My Reality

I agree with Adrienne - this isn't whining. Did you know it can be a pregnancy symptom to be stuffed up? Maybe your allergy medicine is working just fine and you just have pregnancy induced stuffiness. I hope the bleeding stops.


thanks for the encouragement, both of you.Yes, I know that congestion is a pregnancy symptom, but it's typically a second-or-third trimester symptom. I'm not actually congested. I'm sneezing constantly. My eyes are watery and burning. My face itches. It's definitely allergies. It's like my allergy medicine just stopped working. Bleh.


I feel so bad that you don't even get the joy of a fine early pregnancy. Of course, I guess it is worse to get bad news after a history of a "fine" pregnancy, but for you there doesn't seem to be any chance for you to relax, even for a moment, and think, "Wow, I AM pregnant."I am sorry that your pregnancy takes this shape. IT has to be hard on your nerves.Sorry about the kidney stone, too.I am rooting for you!


I don't know how you stay sane even a little tiny bit, of course we don't think you are whining. I do think it's odd that you've bled this much now 2 pregnancies in a row, I wish they could come up with an explanation.

Malky B.

I hope everythings okay. Just having gone through this myself (with bad results unfortunately) I know exactly how you feel. The not knowing is the worst. You don't know wether to cry or if you need to be calm for the baby or your case babbies. Thanks for the wonderful review of our podcast. We hope to do another episode soon and talk about our recent miscarriage.


Yes, my allergist told me that if I get pregnant, it's a possibility that my allergy meds will not work as well if at all. He said he's seen it before many times. Hang in there. I'm thinking about you and will be checking back hoping that the bleeding stops and that the kidney stone passes.

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