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March 02, 2007


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Restricted activity even to merely keep you mentally stable seems smart to me. Or is the purpose defeated because you see it?But how are you sure that the degree of physical exertion will not effect the outcome of the pregnancy? It's not a certainty that you'll miscarry, so why push it?Either way, if you are uncomfortable from pain, can your husband do most of the serving? Or will disclosing that you aren't feeling well to you guests only encourage uncomfortable questioning?I really, really hope the miscarriage symptoms stop and this pregnancy sticks without further problems. I know, though, that with your low expectations of the current pregnancy and having your next steps well-planned, you'll be okay should it not.Gematria for 510: שריBetween that and the previous gematria (for 228), one could begin to believe that you, like Sarah, even as you laugh at the thought, are about to be blessed with your firstborn.

The Town Criers

Congratulations on still being in the game! I'm assuming that they'll still repeat the beta on Monday? Take it easy this weekend (right--like you can do that with that many people in the house).


well then, 510 is nothing to sneeze at. I raed through your archives again and see that no one had any explanation for the bleeding last time. Is there really nothing they can check? Clotting, etc.? Because it seems that when you are pregnant you bleed. And I can imagine how you feel after last time...Thinking of you. Make sure someone else does the washing up.


Congrats on the Beta news, you're so totally 'in the game' and I hope it stays that way. I am thrilled for you!And I would say: TAKE IT EASY but that's probably going to get annoying pretty soon:-)


Your beta news is GREAT NEWS!Wishing you all the best!

Baby Blues

Great beta numbers! Congratulations!


Don't be so negative about the reasons for restricted activity... keep the positive vibes alive for your baby.On another note, that sounds like a hell of a lot of (delicious) food for something that's supposed to be taking things easy. Make sure you use this cop out and don't over do it tonight.Have fun!


That sounds like a very good progression--I'm hopeful that this pregnancy works perfectly! I know that with a lot of people over, it's difficult not to overdo it (particularly if you don't want to share the reasons), but try really, really hard to sit a little more often!

My Reality

I hope you stay in this game for the duration. I hope you had a good dinner last night and didn't do too much.


Yay! You're still in the game! That counts for something!


I hope things continue to go well and that the bleeding stops. I can surly understand how it can be making you nervous. Try to take it easy - there's nothing wrong with your husband serving and J can help too.


The beta looks good! Thalia makes a good point about your bleeding during pregnancy.OMG woman, my husband always complains that I make too much food for shabbos, but your meal takes the cake! Sounds amazing!

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