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March 14, 2007


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Malky B.

From my research on bleeding in the first trimester I found some other theories:1 - left over blood in the uterus just wanting to come out2- could be brought on if you have cystsOf course the medical field doesn't really have any concrete answers. It's all a guessing game. Good luck on the Friday sono.

My Reality

Wow, Karen. I don't blame you for being confused, upset, terrified. I really hope you won't have anymore bleeding. There isn't much I can say at this point, but know that I am hoping for the best for you.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

About the OB thing; it may help you to take this into account: I understand that you want the most "normal", low stress pregnancy you can have, and that a MF specialist or high-risk doc doesn't seem like they would be. However, in my personal experience, OB's get very, very nervous with multiple pregnancies, and may be quicker to intervene than an experienced hig-risk doc. In fact, for them, multiples are among their "best prognosis" cases. I went into things with my twins wishing I could work with the midwives, but they wouldn't let me. When things got rough, my OB group was arguing over what to do and giving me all kinds of conflicting information, while also refusing to give me a realistic idea of what to expect because they were so scared of liability. When we finally got an ultrasound at the high-risk clinic, the doc there was the first to really be straight with us, offer statistics and such. He was also much more comfortable with the protocal he prescribed than my nervuous OB's, and could offer statistical evidence of why it made sense. I really wish we'd have gone there to begin with. Best of luck, whatever happens.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

One more thing: in retrospect, I guess I think that midwives are the ideal choice for a low-risk pregnancy with a woman who wants to minimize intervention, that OB's are probably best for women who want pain relief or have somewhat higher risk, and that maternal-fetal specialists are probably ideal for multiples and other high-risk situations. It just makes sense to me that you want the type of professional that's most trained to deal with your situation. If you end up gestating and giving birth to triplets, you WILL have lots of monitoring, as well as lots of intervention during the birth. Even with twins, I had to have an epidural to even attempt a vaginal birth, and had to be on my back in the operating room "just in case". So you probably won't cut down on that by going to your OB anyway, and you might just have more monitoring and intervention because an OB more used to dealing with high risk situations wouldn't need as much reassurance. Ok, that was 2 more things - feel free to ignore me. I just really wish I'd understood that. All the nurses on the antepartum ward sure did! My OB's drove them crazy.

Baby Blues

I'm sorry Karen. I really don't know what to say either. Just know I'm here hoping for the best.


Your anger does not seem irrational. It's been pretty clear that one of the reasons IVF would be more appealing to you was that it would provide a clearer sense of the status of the situation from day to day and more control over it.

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