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February 25, 2007


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Oh wow... I hope you are, I hope you are, I hope you are....Good luck - I'll keep an eye out for some confirmation on the good news!!!

My Reality

Yes, this is supposed to be a good thing. I hope that all will go well and it will be an absolutely fabulous thing. I am sending positve thoughts your way. Karen, after all you have had to go through, I am really hoping that this is it. You deserve it.


This could be a very good thing.Have you been feeling resentful and pissed off because you feel this is more likely to turn out to be a delay in beginning the IVF than a successful pregnancy?I can't argue with any emotions you have around all of this, around what is destined to work and what is not. Still, all else being equal, once you have certain proof of pregnancy, is there any more or less chance of it being a successful pregnancy based upon whether it was accomplished by IUI or IVF?I so hope you are at the start of a full nine-month wait that ends quite happily. I hope that is what is best. I hope most of all that whatever is best for you is what happens and the reasons for this make themselves clear to you. My thoughts are with you.


I really hope this turns out to be a good thing for you!

sariel amp; shlomit

gulp. wow! i hope this ends up being the wonderful thing we all want it to be!peaceshlomit


fantastic news, karen, really. Well done!


Oh oh oh!!!!! I am very excited for you! I know the feeling that there's no particular reason for this pregnancy to go well, but there's no particular reason for it to go badly, either. I wish you a happy and full-term pregnancy. With a gorgeous healthy baby at the end.((((((((((((huge hugs))))))))))))))

Baby Blues

Oh my gosh! And you were already getting ready for the next step! I just love surprises. I'm cautiously excited and very happy for you. Keep us posted. :-)


!!!Just hoping and hoping and hoping for you!


HOLY COW! I wish you 9 months of nothin' but a whole lot of wonderful!

Malky B.

I hope the sticks right. There's no reason for you to think that a pregnancy conceived through IVF has a higher success rate than one through IUI. If anything IUI is less invasive and possibly it can have a higher success once a pregnancy is acheived,

The Town Criers

Wow! Congratulations--are you going in for a beta?


WOW!I'm catching up on my blog reading and get this amazing news, but from SATURDAY?!?Good Lord, woman, what's happening??I hope hope hope you have great news to share!

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