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February 12, 2007


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Does "tonight" mean at a specific time or during a wide window? Perhaps you could trigger on the later end of tonight for a little edge.For what time Wednesday is the IUI scheduled? Any chance you could do something relaxing afterwards and then follow it up with actual sex that evening?It's a relief that this will not interfere with your trip and that you will have a few days before you need to travel.

My Reality

I hope that the IUI goes well and you won't need the BCP's.


Just wanted to say good luck & I'm rooting for ya!


Just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Your idea about volunteering is a fantastic one. I've been online checking into some opportunities this morning. Also, a couple of other bloggers in my area are interested in starting an IF support group, so I am going to help get that rolling. I'm wishing you lots of luck with your IUI tomorrow. I'll be checking back hoping for lots of good news from you in the weeks to come.


Now I have a multilated version of MC Hammer's "Stop! Hammer time!" lyric in my head, only "trigger" is inserted over hammer.Hope this last IUI turns out to be "good" one!

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