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February 07, 2007


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My Reality

Way to go on the E2 level!

I hope you get some sleep tonight!


Did you really want quads? If so, my sympathies. :)

Things sure sound better. Best of luck!


OMG, we are kindred spirits. I'll be undergoing my first IUI hopefully in the next month and was trying to figure out some way of keeping track of the whole process. I love and adore and am going to steal your IUI spreadsheet. Hope that's okay! Thanks for the great idea.

I'll be checking back often hoping to see wonderful news from you soon.


Thank you thank you thank you for the google spreadsheet! I wish everyone did that. Then I could analyze my chances much more efficiently.Wow, three from a E2 of 400. That is awesome. Very funny about the post of fear of quadruplets or triplets.Maredsous

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