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February 04, 2007


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Baby Blues

That was nice of you to take time in answering those questions. And your answers are quite interesting.

I also feel the same with taking breaks in between cycles. I'll take it only if it's absolutely necessary. I can't bear not doing anything.


Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions. Just one quick thing, in the UK you would be 'forced' by your clinic to take 2-3 months off between cycles, as they consider that any kind of stimulation of your ovaries means they need a break afterwards. Yet another US/UK difference!

My Reality

It was me that asked about the IUI on a Saturday thing!

You know what, your explaination of Shabbos sounds like pure bliss. I think that taking time out to remember what is important in your religion and your family is a beautiful thing. I really enjoyed reading your description of it. I have so much respect for people who are able to stick to their beliefs in this way. I think it shows amazing strength in character. It sounds to me that your Shabbos is in many ways like having Thanksgiving every week. Food, family and being thankful for the things you believe in.

Thanks for explaining it more in depth for me.

If you have your comments set up to be delivered to your email, it will show you email addresses for anyone who has one associated with their name. I don't know if you have done that or not, but just wanted to tell you!

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