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February 21, 2007


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Karen,It sounds like you guys have a great plan for your IVF. I know that "if" your beta is neg. you will be ready to move on to IVF. IVF has the best odds..although aparently not for me! anyway, we are talking about you. So best of luck Karen. You are a brave sole. You must be if you braved Disney World!


Yeah, the crowds at Disney didn't impress me either. Here's a helpful hint: try to break a toe or otherwise be incapable of walking during your time at Disney. You will proceed to the head of every line.I hope you don't even have to go there, but the IVF plan sounds good. I'm excited for you to be moving on to something with a higher success rate.


Disney is overrated and overcrowded.I hope you get a 9 month break soon!

Baby Blues

Interesting information. Thanks for sharing. It seems that your doctor covered everything that has to be considered for your game plan. I hope you get to be in the 9mw soon!


It must feel great to have a plan that you can now move forward with. I'll keep checking in hoping for good news in the months to come.

My Reality

Welcome home!

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